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Best Loft Ladder 2021

Best Loft Ladder Review

There are plenty of loft ladders out there, it’s difficult to know where to start. So we’ve done the hard work for you and researched all the movers and shakers and come up with a list of ladders that we think are really worth your limited time.


We have tried to find ladders that have something for everyone. We know budget is important, especially in today’s climate. So we’ve taken that into account. It turns out that most on our list are truly excellent loft ladders and none of them require you to take out a loan. We’ve picked a couple that offer less value for money should you have the budget that stretches further.

1. Finether Aluminium Telescopic Loft Ladder (3.8M)

The Finether 3.8M loft ladder is best for casual use, which is useful with all types of jobs. Its telescopic design makes it a great choice because it allows for easy storage and transportation. Due to needing only minimum space it is ideal for small homes and apartments. A loft ladder that is made of robust and durable aluminium alloy and is EN131 certified.


To ensure safety during use it has slip-resistant rungs and feet. For security and ease of use it has double couplings on every level. Take care and watch your fingers when extending or collapsing the Finether 3.8M as they potentially could get caught. A quality all-round loft ladder that’s good for those with limited space, but not designed for regular use.

2. Abru 3 Section Compact Loft Ladder

The Abru Three Section Loft Ladder is designed to be suspended or attached to the ceiling. This loft ladder can fit various heights up to 3 meters. It also comes complete with a universal stowing pole. This EN1497 certified product has non-slip feet. The rungs are D shaped which gives both comfort and security. However, it is not especially sturdy and is rather narrow.


This loft ladder may take a bit more space and be harder to stow away. A three section loft ladder is a good product that is value for money.

3. Aurora Thermo Folding Timber Loft Ladder

The Aurora Thermo Timber Loft Ladder is a product that comes ready assembled. It comes with a complete kit that includes a safety handrail, non-slip protective feet and an opening rod. It has a maximum load bearing of 160 kilogram and extends to a height of 280 cm. It can be used for hatch size 55 x 110 cm. Made to a high standard it has all powder-covered metal parts. It also comes with a three year guarantee.


The Aurora Timber Loft Ladder is an uniquely and originally designed ladder. Easy to use it offers smooth operation, safety and comfort. This loft ladder’s components are well assembled ensuring installation is simple and fast. With a cleverly designed locking system which allows it to click into place and for the hatch to shut securely.

4. Alufix 9-Tread Concertina Loft Ladders

The Alufix 9-Thread Concertina Loft Ladder is a safe comfortable loft ladder. Installation is easy and quick meaning it very suitable for the small house or apartment. It’s flexible positioning makes it easy to install on a wall instead of a hatch, and comes with a pole that allows for smooth operating. As it is stowed away directly above the trap door this ladder is perfect for the small home or apartment. The Alufix 9-Thread Concertina Loft Ladder comes with a three year warranty.


Made of aluminium alloy the Alufix 9-Thread Concertina Loft Ladder has an especially designed carriage that makes operating the ladder very easy. The Alufix 9-Thread Concertina Loft Ladder has 78mm deep treads offering lots of grip which make you feel very safe while climbing to store things in the loft.

5. Lyte Easiloft 3 Section Timber Loft Ladder

Lyte Easiloft Timber Loft Ladder is designed with a continuous seal that fits around the trap door which helps to reduce heat loss. A fully assembled loft ladder that comes with a white 26mm thick insulated trap door and is easy to install. It has slip-resistant treads and weighs about 26.6 kilograms. To add durability it has Dovetail joints. A pre-assembled unit that makes it very easy and simple to install.


For safety and convenience this ladder comes complete with a handrail. It fits quickly on to the trap door when it is folded and no loft clearance required when closing the door. The sandwich-type insulation lid has a thickness of about 26mm. The Lyte Easiloft Timber Loft Ladder measures about 1130 mm x 550mm x 130mm.

6. TB Davies 3-Section Wooden Loft Ladder

The TB Davies EnviroFold Wooden Loft Ladder has made getting into the loft space very easy. A heavy-duty wooden ladder it is designed for lots of uses. It has been well tested and proven to be able to hold a maximum weight of 265 kilograms. It has a height of 2.82 meters which equals the height of a standard room. The right ladder to give you safe access into the loft, helping you with all your storage needs.


The TB Davies EnviroFold Wooden Loft Ladder comes with slip-resistant feet, a handrail and perfectly designed with safety in mind. The loft ladder’s feet are angled perfectly so there is proper posture and balance.

7. Telesteps Silver Mini Telescopic Loft Ladder

Telesteps Silver Mini Loft Ladder is designed for homes that do not have much space to store a loft ladder. A retractable ladder that is made of robust aluminium that can take up to 150 kilograms in weight. With a convenient automatic locking system, the Telesteps Silver Mini Loft Ladder is easy to use and has wide non-slip treads. However, to open and close it you will need to use a fair bit of strength.


A high loft ladder, the Telesteps Silver Mini Loft Ladder is for small places. Users often complain that when opening and closing the Telesteps Silver Mini Loft Ladder they catch their fingers. It is important to ensure children do not play on this ladder and are always under adult supervision. The Telesteps Silver Mini Loft Ladderis EN101-SP compliant.

8. BPS Access Concertina Unique Loft Ladder

A concertina style ladder the BPS Access Concertina Unique Loft Ladder that meets all your needs. A well designed space-saving ladder that is just right for small hatches. What sets the BPS Access Concertina Unique Loft Ladder apart from other ladders is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It has extra deep wide treads that makes it simple and comfortable to use.


You can install the BPS Access Concertina Unique Loft Ladder at various angles depending on your requirements. Although reasonably stable, this ladder’s feet are made of hard plastic which could slip on a hard floor. The BPS Access Concertina Unique Loft Ladder’s mechanism can be hard to open and close. Operating on hard floors can be a challenge and children should be kept away at all times. 

9. BPS Access Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder

At number nine on our list is the BPS Access Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder. With a lifetime guarantee it comes pre-assembled and is an EN14975 certified product. Loft ladders can sometimes be unstable. However, the BPS Access Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder comes with a fitted handrail and wide, deep treads making climbing up and down feel secure.


The BPS Access Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder means there is no need to buy additional parts as it comes as a complete package that includes; frame, operating pole, non-slip protective feet and architrave. For simple opening and closing the BPS Access Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder comes with a double sprung counterbalanced hatch door. Although a heavyweight unit it is easily installed.

10. Youngman 301001 Telescopic Loft Ladder

Youngman’s Telescopic Loft Ladder is a 2.9 m loft ladder and a great space-saving item. Due to its telescopic design it takes up little space. With has an automatic locking system and can be adjusted to three different heights. The release mechanism is easy to use. This loft ladder is a bit stiff to use at first but becomes easier with regular use.


To prevent slipping the Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladder has rubber feet and will protect hard floors from being marked. It is EN131 certified which identifies it as being made from safe materials. Before installing it is important to always carefully read the instruction manual that come with the product.

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