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Best Werner Aluminum Loft Ladder

Best Werner Loft Ladder

If you have done your research on the best loft ladders then the brand name Werner will have definitely come up several times. At Wonkee Donkee, we simply love them, from their high-quality build which provides extreme sturdiness to their clever designs which save space. For this review, we tested all of the Werner loft ladders available on the market and here is our number one pick.

Werner AA1510 Aluminum Loft Ladder

If you are limited with space and are looking for a compact ladder that is hassle-free to install, then the Warner AA1510 aluminum ladder may be the ladder for you. You may well be impressed by its many user-friendly features.


A lightweight ladder that is easy to extend and close because of its telescopic design, comes with and pole that will make it really easy and convenient for anyone to use. It has an extension of between 7 feet to 9 feet 10 inches which means it will fit any standard ceiling height. This ladder can take up to 250 lb of weight which means it will meet most of your requirements as long as you are not going to using it for any real heavy jobs. The ladder has adjustable feet and are made so they wont damage any flooring making it feel really safe.


This ladder is not designed for heavy-duty as it can feel somewhat insubstantial and is perhaps a little on the narrow side, however, this lends itself to it is ideal for confined, limited spaces and light-duty work.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Loft Ladder

Deciding on the best loft ladder is not quite as straightforward as it may seem at first. There are a few things we think are important to ask yourself first. Here are a the fundamental questions to consider:

Will the loft need to be accessed often?

One of the principal questions to consider is whether the loft ladder will be used regularly or not. The reason is that if it is to be used often then is best to go for a ladder that is easy to use. A ladder that has a counter-balance spring mechanism is perfect because it will take the weight of the ladder for you, which means it won’t take so much effort to use. A ladder with a concertina design is perfect for this, whereas the folding type ladder made from wood or metal will need a lot more effort opening and closing. Even better would be an electrically operated ladder if your budget will allow, taking all the work out of using them altogether.


Another consideration is to wear and tear where regular use is concerned. For this reason, it is best to go for ladders made from metal e.g aluminum or steel, high-quality timber ladders are also an option. Ladders made of a lower quality timber do not tend to last as long when used on a regular basis.

What is the loft being used for?

In most cases, a loft space offers the homeowner that all-important commodity, extra storage space. The type of ladder you require will depend on the items likely to be stored. So, if all you are storing are things like Christmas decorations then a light-duty ladder will be more than enough for the job. We suggest you opt for a ladder that has a tread load rating of 150kg per tread. Generally, good quality aluminum or wooden ladder will be perfect. On the other hand, if you intend to use the loft space for items that will require regular access or to store items that are bulk or heavy, then a heavy-duty ladder is your best option. Look for loft ladders that have a tread load rating of 180kg or 200kg per tread.

Where is the location of the loft?

This question is one that is key to choosing the best loft ladder. The reason is that space and thermal insulation required will determine the best ladder for the job. So for instance, if the loft to be accessed is in a garage then there is less of a need to consider space and insulation. However, if on the other hand, the loft is in a bedroom then much more thought will be needed into which ladder to purchase. Any floor restrictions or limitations will need to be taken into account and ensuring the hatch has good thermal insulation and a seal that is airtight so there are no nasty draught’s coming through the hatch.

Who will be using the loft?

As previously mentioned, a ladder with a quality counter-balance spring mechanism makes using a ladder much more comfortable and easier to use. This design allows the ladder open and close with as little effort as possible as well as contributing to safety too. Another feature that is worth having for both ease of use and safety are handrails. Treads that are both wide and deep are also good to have as they too help with safety and comfort.

Will it fit?

And finally, it is really important to think about what space your loft ladder will need. The wooden ladder will usually need much more space to open because of the way in which it folds into the loft door. Although there are a few wooden ladders that can fold into a smaller opening they tend to be limited on ceiling heights they can reach. They also tend to require a larger area to extend into, which is not ideal if you have restrictions of space available. The concertina ladder is by far the best when space in both the loft opening and floor space is limited. They are much more compact and will fold away into a small opening much more easily.

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