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Ryobi Table Saw Review

Ryobi Table Saw Review

Known as one of the most prestigious brands for power tools Ryobi leads the way in terms of reliability and quality, especially for contractors or professionals. The Japanese manufacturers have a large number of product ranges which is why they are quickly becoming a household name around the world.


At Wonkee Donkee, our focus is on high-quality hand tools and power tools. We rigorously test and review all of the available power tools on the market. From premium tools for professional use to affordable alternatives suitable for a DIY enthusiast. In this article, we are writing up our Ryobi Table Saw Review after testing all of the Ryobi table saws available.


We decided that we would keep it short and sweet and just give you our review of the best Ryobi table saw; and as with all of our power tool reviews, we have also included a buying guide to help you find out exactly you’re looking for when buying a table saw.

Ryobi RTS21G Table Saw

The Ryobi RTS21G is a highly durable saw that’s small enough to be easily moved around from one job to the next. It comes with onboard storage for all the required tools needed; collapsible stand, blade changing wrenches and the push stick. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to use a table saw on the go, whether you are a professional contractor who regularly moves worksites and DIY’ers with small workshops.


The weight of the saw is around 50 pounds, so it isn’t too heavy to lift and move but you still need to make sure you lift it properly to avoid injuring yourself. We found that the stand works perfectly well when testing, however, some users have said it is a little unstable and wobbles. We looked into this and found that when you are working with large pieces of lumber then the stand sometimes has a little bit of give in it. Our recommendation at Wonkee Donkee is to make sure you take extra care when cutting larger materials and always ensure that you are operating on a completely flat surface.


When it comes to power, the motor has 15 amps of cutting power and will run on a standard 110v ground plug. This is great for wherever you are working as the majority of household plug sockets are 110v. There is also a side extension rail for wide cuts and for longer stretches of lumber a back extender. If you want to make dado cuts, you will need to buy the RTS21G dado plate. This will then make it wide enough to accept the blade configuration and allow you to make good clean cuts.


This saw may not be the best choice if you need to rip precision finishing lumber. If this is what you aim to do then make sure you line up the rip fence before each cut; it has been reported by some users that the fence flexes or it becomes misaligned.  

Build Quality

Lots of users have said they find this saw a great tool and very durable. Word of caution though is that some users find it hard to rely on the collapsible work table. If you think you will find the table too unsteady for you then it’s worth purchasing a different table saw.


We do recommend this saw to professionals, but if you are after a heavy-duty table saw then this probably isn’t for you. There are definitely better table saws for heavy-duty work out there, but obviously they come at a slightly higher price (Read our Best Table Saw Review).


This is still a very good table saw, how lightweight it makes it ideal for anyone who completes small tasks on the move regularly. One thing we did find was that the dust port is not as tough as we’d like it to be, and if it gets blocked up, the saw may cut out. If this does happen then the table saw might need some time to cool down before you can operate it again. Our advice would be to consider taking regular breaks to prevent overheating.



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Ryobi Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

At Wonkee Donkee we have created this buyers guide to review which Ryobi saw is right for you. As most table saws are similar in features and specifications, the points made will be equally important across all other brands too. So, the majority of information in this buyers guide can also be applied to every table saw available to buy.


It is only in the last couple of years that portable table saws have become high-quality enough to be in serious consideration when buying a table saw. With advancements in technology, manufacturers are finally getting the right balance between a lightweight build without compromising on power.


Contractors tend to need table saws for job-site tasks, so it is important for you to check the specifications on how easy it can be moved around. The most obvious feature of this is the weight of the tool but you should also consider does it come with a stand or wheels to help you transport it easily. It’s worth remembering to include the weight of the added extra’s, these can really add to the weight of the saw. On average a compact table saw will weight about 50lbs or 22kg.


The first thing you need to think about is what tasks do you need your table saw to complete. Look at things such as; will I need it for long or short projects, are the jobs heavy-duty with lots of wood cutting? It’s worth remembering that for bigger, longer projects a table saw that has good power output and can cope will heavier use. But if the jobs you want your table saw to do are infrequent and small, then a compact table saw that sets up in no time at all will be your best bet.

Rip Capacity

The term rip capacity refers to the size of a piece of wood you can cut. The basic rule is that the larger the saw, the larger the piece of wood that can be cut. This is important for professionals when woodworking on projects such as when remodelling homes or adding extensions as most of the cuts required will need a table saw with a large rip capacity. It is equally important for DIYers and hobbyists to bear in mind the size of wood for cutting, they too may need a larger table saw depending on the projects they are going to complete.


To put it simply, you will need to give rip capacity serious consideration if you will need to use large pieces of wood. However, don’t totally rule out smaller table saws as some smaller table saws do have decent rip capacity too. If you are not working with large pieces of material, then our advice at Wonkee Donkee Tools would be to look at a smaller compact table saw and save some money!


The most important thing to us at Wonkee Donkee is how safe power tools are to work. Advances in technology have led to the table saw now having numerous different safety features that can help protect the operator when using. How much experience a user has of using a table saw also plays a part when looking at safety features are needed, for us, the more the better. As an example, it is always highly recommended for a beginner to get a table saw that has an automated shutoff if the saw overheats or the blade comes into contact with anything it shouldn’t.


Our number one rule when buying a power tool is that when choosing a power tool, it should always give you the right level of protection for the level of experience and expertise you have. Ryobi is one of our favourites because we know we can rely on them where safety is concerned, they always give extra features on their machines that will keep you safe and well protected.

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