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Rothenberger 69361 ROSCOPE Multi-View Hand-Held Modular Inspection Camera Review

Rothenberger 69361 ROSCOPE Multi-View Hand-Held Modular Inspection Camera

The Rothenberger ROSCOPE Inspection Camera is a high quality, versatile, precision instrument. Before getting too far into the review, it’s important to convey that this is a hand-held master unit and is not the entire system The gooseneck, plumbing pipe and other probes are not included but are available separately. Most other inspections cameras include a single probe in their kits but the Rothenberger was designed for use with various other types of probes which makes it quite versatile and useful for in a number of inspection situations. By offering users the ability to choose probe options, this is one master inspection handheld unit that can be precisely fit for a multitude of environments.

Rothenberger 69361 ROSCOPE Key Features

The views can be captured as both still JPEG formatted images or MPEG formatted videos. There is a 2GB SD memory card is included however, larger memory cards are available for purchase separately. The images can also be seen on and transferred to a computer through the use of the USB interface. Once transferred to a computer environment, graphics software may be utilized to customize and improve images for use in presentations. The images may also be emailed or live-streamed to clients and contractors for the expedited solution.

The controls are simple to operate and the face of the device includes buttons that dictate still imagery or video options. There are also controls that operate the desired view and playback options.

The Rothenberger Roscope runs on a rechargeable advanced technology Lithium-ion Polymer battery rather than the older lithium style batteries that were designed to hold lithium salt. The advantages of the solid lithium batteries are, of course, durability, size, shape and cost.

As previously mentioned, there are numerous probes that were designed to work with this unit. Each probe is intended to address a different need in the inspection industry. Probes for plumbing and utility pipes as well as a gooseneck thermoelectric cooling (TEC) module and lastly, a micromodule industrial probe. Along with the various probe styles, other accessories such as hooks, magnets and mirrors are also available for optional purchase.

The Rothenberger 69361 Modular Inspection Camera is a professional grade tool with superior precision and high-quality imaging and recording capabilities. It’s an inspection camera that offers versatility and aids professionals by allowing them to increase productivity, save time and most of all, save money.

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