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Ridgid 36738 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid 36738 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid 36738 camera is not only lightweight, but it’s also waterproof up to 10 feet. As a plumber, there are many situations that I have come across where I need my inspection camera to be waterproof and this one works like a charm. It is portable with a 3 foot cable and is expandable up to 30 feet.

Ridgid 36738 Key Features

With the comfortable pistol-grip design and a 3 ½ inch color monitor mounted on top it provides ease of use. The color monitor, which by the way uses just four AA batteries, has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. This is more than adequate for a screen this size.

A unique feature of this camera is that you can rotate the image counterclockwise. This comes in handy when you run into a situation where the object is not upright. Actually, I came across this very situation the other day. I was doing an inspection and started snaking the camera around. I saw an object and couldn’t figure out what it was. After using the rotating option, I realized what I was looking at. This is certainly a handy option.

With ¾ of an inch diameter and 4 bright LEDs, this aluminum camera head is lightweight and has all the illumination you need. The Ridgid 36738 has a 6 mm camera accessory allowing you to view the smallest of spaces.

As I said before, the pistol grip design is extremely comfortable and allows you to manipulate the camera with one hand while leaving the other hand free to secure yourself while inspecting areas that may be a bit harder to get to.

While doing an inspection for a water leak on a manufactured home a few days ago I had the opportunity to use this actual camera. Since the manufactured home was on blocks I did not want to go underneath if I could help it. I was able to snake the camera through the piping with one hand while using my other hand to prop myself up. I had a clear view of the situation and was able to find the problem area. I was grateful that something as simple as being able to manipulate the camera with one hand and steady myself with the other hand made a difference in the inspection process.

With all the features that Ridgid 36738 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera comprises; the most valuable feature, in my opinion, is the one-handed grip design. And overall, I’d say this is one inspection camera that’s worth every penny – especially for professionals in my field.

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