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Ridgid 31123 SeeSnake Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid 31123 SeeSnake Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid 31123 SeeSnake Inspection Camera is a handy portable device that makes a visual inspection of hard-to-reach spaces possible. The unit comes with an ergonomic design and a front-facing display for easy visualization of hard to reach spaces. The two options for cameras make regular and up close inspection possible.

Key Features and Specifications

The Ridgid 31123 SeeSnake comes with a 2.4 inch color LCD screen with a 234×160 resolution. The durable camera heads come in 17 mm and 9.5 mm sizes and can be coated in either plastic or aluminum. The 9.5 mm camera head makes inspection up close easy and effortless. For lighting dark areas, the adjustable LED lights provide adequate illumination. The waterproof camera head and cables make this perfect for almost any inspection situation up to 10 feet.

There are attachments for a mirror, hook, and magnet and a cable reach of 3 feet expandable to up to 30 feet with optional extensions. Video recording capabilities are provided by the 3 foot RCA cable which is flexible and yet able to hold its shape. The unit also comes with a compact storage case for storing the batteries and other attachments.

Ridgid 31123 Inspection Camera Customer Reviews


Most users love the clear color screen and the shaft, which is thinner compared to other optical inspection cameras. The thinner shaft makes it possible to reach inside smaller holes and one has the option of extending the cable length for a longer reach, a feature that is not provided by other optical inspection units. Although the camera resolution is about average, it works well with the LED lighting system to get clear and acceptable details.

The LED lights can be adjusted as well and they light up the immediate surrounding areas to provide a clearer image. The units with the aluminum head last longer compared to heads made of plastic, making it very sturdy. Some users have dropped their units without so much as a scratch on the durable aluminum camera body.

One of the best features of the Ridgid 31123 is its video recording capability. This Inspection Camera records video using the 3 foot RCA cable that produces crisp and clear video images. The camera is also waterproof, something that is not present in other optical inspection cameras in the same price range.


One of the main complaints about the Ridgid 31123 SeeSnake Inspection Camera is that it is not self leveling. This means if the camera is turned around, the images received will also be turned around or upside down. SeeSnake units with plastic heads also tend to break rather easily compared to the aluminum camera heads. Some users are also disappointed with the singled LED light source, which may require an extra light source when looking at larger and darker surfaces.

The 31123 Camera provides an easy and convenient way to view very small and tight spaces without having to break down walls or open pipes. The unit offers clear and crisp images and a long reach courtesy of extension cables. Extra perks as underwater shooting and aluminum camera heads make this unit one of the best buys in its price range.

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