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Ridgid 30063 Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid 30063 Micro Explorer Digital Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid 30063 Mico Explorer Digital Inspection Camera is truly a step above its competitors in the inspection camera market. This unit is geared more towards the professional, although it can be an invaluable tool for the homeowner who is a dot it yourself type and always finds himself working around the house. There are many uses for this inspection camera in places outside the home, like when working around engines or anywhere else with tight quarters and hidden nooks and crannies.

Key Features

Some of the unique features of this camera are the automatic self-leveling for a constantly upright picture, the ability to capture either JPG or video images, the ability to transfer files to your computer with the USB cable, and a 3.5 inch color screen. Like most inspection cameras, the standard flexible working end is 3 feet long. But an additional 30 foot extension is available as an option. This means you can get deep into plumbing, walls, or ceiling crevices to get the video information you need in order to assess and deal with the situation.

The lithium battery is rechargeable and gives a constant run time of approximately 4 hours. Customers who have purchased this camera comment on the self-leveling feature that always shows an upright picture. Sometimes this is not important, but at times it is critical to know exactly which direction you are assessing. Another feature rated highly by actual users is the ability to transfer files to your computer.

While the 3.5 inch screen is more than adequate for on the job assessment, having the ability to put images or video on your computer allows you to see even better, and even include those images in your communication with customers. The 30 foot extension is critical for certain situations, so if you are dealing with plumbing or inside deeper hard to reach places it will definitely pay for itself many times over during its lifetime.

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