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Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review

Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera offers the average homeowner the ability to assess and deal with hard to reach situations the same way professionals do. This inspection camera is suitable for both amateurs and professionals and makes identifying problems easy, even in not so easy to reach places.

Key Features

The 3-foot flexible camera allows you to see behind walls, inside ceilings, behind walls or other hard to reach areas, and just about anywhere else you might need to see. This waterproof inspection camera includes a 2.4 inch LCD display screen that gives you clear pictures of your target. One additional feature of this camera that others do not offer is the 3 extra attachments. these include a mirror, hook, and magnet.

Imagine trying to retrieve something from behind a permanently placed piece of machinery like a furnace or engine, or even behind a wall. You can use the camera to assess the situation and come up with a plan, then use the mirror, hook and magnet to retrieve the item while monitoring the action from your inspection camera. This is a common, real-life situation that professionals and amateurs alike are faced with, and one that can be dealt with effectively with the use of this inspection camera.

More traditional assessments of hidden wiring, plumbing pipes, ceiling mounted lighting fixtures, etc are easily accomplished with the Ridgid 25643 SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera. This waterproof unit allows you to handle any of these situations with a durable, easy to handle the camera. The ergonomic handle makes it possible to use this unit for extended periods without your hands getting tired.

The users of this camera who have reported back say they love the additional attachments that allow them to retrieve items, and the fact that this is a waterproof unit allows you to have the confidence to use it in wet plumbing situations. Many reviews report that the ability to mount the hook or magnet to the camera end and retrieve items has made this camera pay for itself several times over. The tiny magnet is reported to retrieve items up to 6 ounces!

Other users report the camera has tremendous value when trying to fish data out electrical wire through wall cavities. This is where the homeowner can save serious money by doing something previously only possible through the use of a professional electrician.

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