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ProVision PV100 Inspection Camera Review

ProVision PV100 Inspection Camera Review

If you need inspection tools that will help you investigate a problem or finish a project, consider investing in the ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope. High-performance fiberoptic scopes give you the technology you need to see behind walls, inside of engines, behind appliances, and inside your electronics, without risking dis-assembly. Before you purchase a fiber optic scope, you should research the features of each scope to invest in the best model. Read the product specifications of the ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope and see if this high-powered tool is right for you.

Product Specifications

The ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope is a universal tool that can help handy homeowners in the kitchen or active business owners in the warehouse. With a flexible cable, this fiberoptic scope can fit into openings as small as 1/2-inch. The cable of the scope measures 18-inches in length making range a problem of the past. With a powerful UV diode light, users can illuminate dark crevices in both wet and dry areas. The lens, cable, and diodes are all submersible. The fact that the ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope works great for wet and dry projects makes it the best universal inspection tool on the market today.

What Comes in the Package?

If you need access to normally inaccessible places, the ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope may be right for you. The product comes with the scope, an 18-inch shaft with a 40-degree line of view, a blown plastic case, and a detailing instructional manual.

What Do Customers Have to Say?

The ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope has received rave reviews from homeowners and users in the contracting industry. Most users have given the scope a 4 or 5 star rating because of its build, durability, and value. One of the most common comments made by consumers who invested in the scope is that the scope saves them thousands of dollars and hours of labour.

A variety of different people have purchased this advanced fiber optic scope for a variety of different reasons. Many people needed to inspect their walls without gutting them. Others needed to inspect the pistons inside of their engine to verify the pistons were damaged. Another consumer purchased the scope to see if their attic was invaded by critters. Each consumer said the product got the job done quickly without having to damage part of the home to assess the problem.

ProVision PV100 Inspection Camera Drawbacks

Consumers did report that the 18-inch flexible cable for the PV100 is not long enough for all projects. If you do not think 18-inches is long enough, you may want to invest in ProVision’s 36-inch model. If you choose to invest in the 18-inch product, you may have to get a little creative to make the flexible cable work for you.

The ProVision 100 PV100 Flexible Fiberoptic Scope is priced as much as 10 times less than the other scopes that do not use fiber optic technology. You can buy the inspection scope for less and spend less on labour when you are completing projects around your home or workplace. One small investment will save you time and time again. You may even start projects you had on hold for long periods of time just because you have your scope and can now properly asses the situation.

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