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Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera Review

Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera Review

The Milwaukee 2310-21 Cordless M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera steps inspection cameras up a notch with some special features not seen in previous versions. Perhaps the biggest innovation, the M12 LITHIUM-ION Cordless System gives this inspection camera the ability to show increased visibility when viewing behind a wall and in or around pipes. The advanced digital imaging technology and 2.4-inch high-resolution display screen make for crystal clear high-quality images.

The digital zoom features 10 settings and up to 200% magnification. This camera also features 3X LED brightness control, making for one of the clearest images you will find on any inspection camera. The Lithium-Ion battery power has an auto shut off when the unit is not being used and will run for 15 hours, compared to as few as 2-4 for many other cameras. Additionally, Milwaukee lithium powered inspection cameras feature a “fuel gauge” that lets you always know how much power you have remaining in your camera before it needs a recharge. The Milwaukee 2310-21 M12 LITHIUM-ION M-Spector Cordless Digital Inspection Camera comes complete with the inspection camera, 3-foot camera cable, 12v Lithium-Ion battery, 12V charger, and carrying case.

Users of this camera commented positively on the sturdy, heavy-duty nature of the construction. While noting that viewing images takes a little getting used to, the 2.4 inch LCD screen provides good clarity and the built-in LED light allows the camera to focus on objects even in very dark places like pipes or behind walls. Using the LED light takes some practice, as too much light gives off too much glare making the picture unviewable. but once you have a little practice and dial in how to use this camera, it is a great tool to go where your normal vision cannot in order to assess and deal with a problem.

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