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Louisville Ladder Review

Best Louisville Loft Ladder

The Louisville Ladder Company have been making high-quality ladders for over 70 years. The US based manufacturers are well-known within the industry for producing sturdy yet cleverly designed ladders that stand out among competitors. In this review of the Best Louisville Loft Ladder we have tried and tested all of their models our available and come out with our number one pick!

Louisville Ladder Wooden Attic Ladder

The Louisville Wooden Attic Ladder will give great access to your attic or storage area and can even be used in place of stairs. It is designed to allow for easy installation and will give a good fit. The ladder has metal E-Z metal hang support straps which means it can be installed quickly and safely. This ladder is sturdy and compact, and designed with strength and safety in mind. The ergonomically designed T-handle means you will find the ladder easy to open. You will also find this ladder very quiet when being opened and closed.


This attic ladder has a tread load capacity up to 250 lbs (including person) and also comes with treads that are grooved which aid safe climbing. The heavy-duty hinges prevent the ladder from ‘wobbling’ to ensure safe climbing, they also make opening the ladder really smooth. The ladder also comes with a ‘full grip’ handrail which gives added safety and security when climbing the ladder. Installation instructions are easy to follow and if followed correctly, will ensure your attic ladder has the right dimensions for your hatch opening, which means you will have a perfect fit and a sturdy and safe ladder when in use.

Lousville Loft Ladder Buying Guide

The loft ladder market has a variety of ladders to chose from coming in several different styles and materials. Deciding on which loft ladder is best boils down to knowing what your specific requirements are, simply put – what do you want to do with your loft space? A good starting point is to consider these questions:

How often will I the loft be used and what will I be putting in it?

The loft in your home can give you the added bonus of extra storage space. The type of ladder you will need depends on how often the loft will be accessed. If only items that are rarely needed are being stored such as Christmas decoration, then a light-duty ladder will be more than enough. Aluminium or a high quality wood ladder with a load rating of 150 kg will be sufficient, but don’t forget to include in your calculations the weight of the user.


If on the other hand you expect to use your loft space on a more regular basis or for storing heavy items, or it is where you will be installing heating/ventilation equipment then a more heavy-duty ladder would be best and which has at least 180 kg to 200 kg load rating.

Where is the loft ladder located?

When chosing the best loft ladder that will do what you want it to do, remember it is always important to consider the location. The location of your loft will determine just how much space you have for a ladder and also what thermal insulation you are going to needed.


So, for example if you are going to use a garage loft then less consideration will be needed on how much space will be required when extending the ladder and there will be less of a need for thick insulation. On the other hand, if the loft is to be accessed via a bedroom much more consideration of floor and ceiling space will be needed and any restrictions there may be when extending the ladder. Good thermal insulation and sealant will be needed to prevent any cold draught’s.


Measuring the amount of space you have available both for the hatch and the ladder accurately is very important as ladders will vary in their dimensions.

Who will be using the loft?

Ladders that have a high quality counter-balanced mechanism offer improved safety and easy use and are a good option. This type of mechanism means the ladder can be opened and closed with less effort needed. Some ladders come with an assisting pole which very handy and makes using the ladder easy, however, if your budget can stretch to it, the easiest of ladders of operate are the electrically operated ladders.


It is also good to consider the material and weight of a ladder. Most ladders are made of wood, aluminium or steel. Aluminium ladders are light and rust resistant, while wooden ladders weigh heavier and can be affected by moisture and temperature.


Ladders with slip resistant, deep and wide treads will offer more easier climbing, comfort and security. Handrails are also good to have as they will improve ease of use safety.

Will it fit in the space required?

When buying a new loft ladder it is important to understand what space you have available both in the ceiling and floor.


In general the wooden loft ladder will need a larger ceiling opening, the reason is because of how it fits into the hatch door. Most wooden loft laddrs will have a minimum opening length of 1.2m and will need a larger area to extend into.


The concertina loft ladder on the other hand, is designed for when there is limited space. Its compact design also means it will require a smaller ceiling opening.

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