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Keylite Loft Ladder Reviews

Best Keylite Loft Ladder

Keylite are a brand more commonly associated with roofs and windows. However, there expansion into loft ladders has led to them producing some great models that are available on the market today. Our Wonkee Donkee experts are that impressed by their loft ladders that we decided to rigorously test all of the models available and review our favourite.

Keylite Timber Wooden Loft Ladder KYL04

The Keylite timber wooden loft ladder KYL07 have designed this loft ladder to make your life as easy as possible. This loft ladder has a unique design, the pre-installed Flick-Fit brackets enables it to be installed from below/outside the loft which means it can be installed by one person making it perfect for the DIY’er.


The hatch door has a continuous seal around it which greatly reduces any heat loss and prevents draught’s. Included with this loft ladder is a pre-fitted white hatch door with 36mm thick insulation and the ladder also comes complete with a fitted handrail.The ladder has a recessed locking system, and the treads are slip resistant while all the treads have Dovetail joints. The scratch resistant protective feet ensure that you won’t be damaging any of your floor coverings. 

Guide to Buying a Loft Ladder

There are lots of different loft ladders on the market that come in many different styles and materials. So,the answer to what is the best loft ladder will solely depend on what your individual needs are, put another way – what will you be using your loft space for? We think a good place to start is to consider questions such as the ones we’ve tried our best to answer below.

How often will I be using the loft and what will I be storing in it?

A loft in your home can give you much sort after extra storage space. If your loft is for storing things you won’t need access too often such as Christmas decorations, then a light-duty loft ladder will be more than sufficient. Ladders made of aluminium or a high quality wood, with a tread load rating of 150kg should do just fine. When deciding on the load capacity of the ladder don’t forget to consider the weight of the user too.


However, if you are looking to use your loft space to store things you will need regular access to or bulky, heavy items or to use it to store such things as heating or ventilation equipment, then it is best to go for a heavy-duty ladder. one that has a tread load rating of 180kg or 200kg.

Where is the loft ladder located?

When choosing the best loft ladder that will do what you want it to do, remember it is always important to consider the location. The location of your loft will determine just how much space you have for a ladder and also what thermal insulation you are going to needed.


For example, if the location of the loft space you want to use is in a garage then the space you have available and the amount of insulation you will need will be less of an issue. Where as, if the loft is accessed in a bedroom or hallway then more thought into what floor or ceiling restrictions there are and what good thermal insulation will be needed – you won’t want any nasty cold draught’s!


Also important is the amount of space you have available both in the hatch and where the ladder will extend out onto the floor. So be sure to check a ladders dimensions and measure your hatch opening accurately because ladders can vary considerably.

Who will be using the loft?

If you are looking for a ladder that is easy to use and has improved safety then a high quality counter-balanced mechanism is your best option. A ladder with this type of mechanism makes opening and closing the ladder more effortless to use. Some will come with an assisting pole that will also make using easier, and for those who’s budget allows there are electrically operated ladders.


Material and weight are considerations too. Generally ladders are made of wood, steel or aluminium. Wooden ladders tend to weigh the heaviest and can be affected by temperature and moisture, whilst aluminium the lightest and is rust resistant.


Also, it is also worth considering the inclusion of handrails as this offers added security. While ladders with slip resistant tread that are deep and wide will contribute to much easier climbing and enhance the feeling of safety too.

Will it fit?

Understanding the space available is an important factor to consider when buying your new loft ladder. Ceiling opening size and the space the ladder extends into are the two key factors that should never be missed.


The wooden loft ladder will generally require a larger ceiling opening, this is because of how it fits into the hatch door. The wooden loft ladder tends to have a minimum opening length of about 1.2m so it will require a larger area to extend into.

On the other hand, concertina loft ladders are designed for areas that have limited space. Their compact design means that they will fit into smaller ceiling openings. 

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