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FLIR I7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

FLIR I7 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

At Wonkee Donkee we recently had the opportunity to test a great thermal imaging camera, read this FLIR I7 Thermal Imaging Camera review to see what we thought of it. Straight away you know it is a great tool for engineers and the building industry. It is highly portable and can fit into a standard toolbox with ease. This versatile camera maps images with infrared technology, where patterns of heat are detected and mapped. This leads to any number of building, mechanical and structural applications. It is a great tool for identifying problems in plants, electrical systems and the utility industry.

It can identify where heat is being lost or where there is a build-up of too much heat, and identifying these areas can lead to corrections that can save on costly future repairs. It is also useful for conducting energy audits of heating and air conditioning systems and can help map underground tunnels and crawl spaces.

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Key Features of the FLIR I7

Industry Leading Warranty

The versatile FLIR I7 Thermal Imaging Camera is a must-have in your equipment arsenal. It has an industry-leading warranty with 5-10-2 protections. There is a 5-year warranty on the battery, a 10-year guarantee for the detector and a 2-year warranty on the camera. Standard equipment includes a Li-ion rechargeable battery, a USB cable connection, an AC adapter/charger, built-in lens protector, a 512 MB microSD card, and a hard transportation case with a hand strap.

Wireless and Removable Screen

The convenient wireless screen is removable which allows the camera to enter many areas where access might be prevented by the screen. It also provides far better viewing angles which might otherwise be impossible to achieve with a non-detachable screen on the camera.


It is extremely lightweight and easy to use, even for beginners. It can fit in a pocket and is extremely accurate. It can diagnose problems quickly, essential for proper monitoring of thermally sensitive installations.

High-Resolution Display

It comes with a high-resolution color liquid crystal display that is 2.8 inches and has an autofocus feature to make operation even more user-friendlier. It also comes with report software you can use to formulate your reports in a concise and accurate manner.

Emissivity Correction

One of the best features is the emissivity correction. This feature is essential for any infrared imaging system because heat emissions from a source can affect the temperature readings. If an object is against a high-temperature background and has a low rate of emissions, then the temperature of the object will be reported lower than it actually is. The correction feature will help compensate for any inaccuracies caused by varying rates of emission.

Summary of the FLIR I7

When you need to accurately assess the thermal makeup of any utility, heating or cooling system, electrical or other mechanical or structural system, the FLIR I7 Thermal Imaging Camera will quickly become an indispensable tool. It can also help to map underground tunnels and other darkened areas with pinpoint accuracy.

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