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FLIR 39903-1501 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

FLIR 39903-1501 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

FLIR are a well known brand for high quality in the thermal imaging camera industry. Their range of different models each have their own key features to make them suitable to their tasks. In this FLIR 39903-1501 thermal imaging camera review we offer our opinion on this great thermal imaging camera, after testing it out ourselves as Wonkee Donkee. If you enjoy this review and want to find out more about the different types of thermal imaging cameras available then read our full Best Thermal Imaging Camera Review.

For preventative home and office maintenance and repairs, Flir’s innovative technology has got you covered. Flir has been working with infrared technology to introduce an advanced thermal imaging camera which will help to decrease your escalating costs. This high-tech infrared camera aids in early detection of structural problems and helps contractors, inspectors and homeowners find them before they can deteriorate. The latest model, the FLIR 39903-1501 Model i40 Thermal Imaging Camera, will not surprisingly become an essential tool in the contractor or homeowner’s kit.

How does the FLIR 39903-1501 Camera work?

The FLIR 39903-1501 operates with detectors used to measure infrared radiation, converting it to electronic indicators, generating a visual representation of the heat that the image emits. Different colors for varying temperatures are used to help detect any inconsistencies. Any observed changes are then stored in the camera for analysis.

For example, if there is an electrical problem, the FLIR 39905-1501 model i40 thermal Imaging Camera would be focused on the wall with electrical piping until there is a change in temperatures observed. The location pinpointed could be an indication of poor insulation or a short circuit. The camera also analyzes machinery, raised floors or any other structure difficult to view with the naked eye.

Key Features of the FLIR 39903-1501 Thermal Imaging Camera

This is a stand out camera among the many thermal imaging cameras out there. Look at the broad aspects of each camera to help you decide that this camera is clearly a stand out of those that are offered.


A wide temperature range allows this camera to measure a range of -4 (degrees)F to 662 (degrees)F. Accuracy is key, with a level of (= -2% accuracy and 1 (degree) C @ 25 (degree) C thermal sensitivity (N.E.T.D). The one-handed built-in laser pointer allows for faster detection, and minimizes time, making the process very accurate and fast. Essentially, your audit reports are supported by accurate data.

Imaging and Resolution Capabilities

The focal plane array detector and 120x120IR (14,400 pixels), the infrared resolution in this camera gives you an informed report and is in a class of its own. Plus, there is an in-built 0.6 megapixel digital digicam with bright LED lamps for quality visible images and a fixed-size PIP function. Also, a 3.5 inch Razor Sharp Color LCD display makes your viewing better and gives you an incredible field of view considering you are getting a 25 (degree)x 25(degree) 3.9” (0.1m) focus distance.


The weight of the camera is only 1.3lbs (600g) and it comes with a hard carrying case and a hand strap allowing for an easy handgrip for carrying. For quick searching of specific images, the thumbnail gallery is ideal. There is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which lasts for five hours allowing for long term jobs. Most importantly, the 1,000 Radiometric JPEG images can be stored to analyze using the QuickReport ™ software.

Additional Features

These are just a few of the unique features of this sleek gadget. There are many others including the local adaptation of units, date and time setting, emissivity correction, color palettes, and others. Plus there is a 2-year warranty and you get a lens cap, memory card, USB cable, and an adapter.

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