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Best DeWalt SDS / Hammer Drill 2022

Best DeWalt SDS / Hammer Drill Review

DeWalt or one of those brands synonymous with top-quality power tools, especially drills. They’ve been around for a very long time, founded in the US who were most recently bought by Black and Decker. The DeWalt brand is one of the most well-known power tool manufacturers on the market and has been making some of the best power tools available for over 50 years.


For this DeWalt SDS drill review, we have tested all of the models available on the market and handpicked what we consider to be the best two. You might notice that we keep swapping between calling them SDS drills and hammer drills, but that’s just because they’re interchangeable and people around the world call them by different names. We have also included our buyers guide for those visitors who are new to buying a hammer drill and need some guidance on what to look out for.

DeWalt DCD996P2 Brushless Combi Drill

We are not alone when we say the DeWalt DCD996P2 is an incredible hammer drill. It has the perfect balance between design, performance and build and that is why it is our top recommendation. The DeWalt DCD996P2 is built for use by both the construction workers, masonry workers and even hobbyists. If you need a heavy-duty drill to regularly make holes for screws and nails then simply look no further. This tool has a great range of features we just love. The most obvious and probably our favourite feature is that the hammer drill can shine a spotlight. This is great for when you are working in dark or poorly lit areas but still need to complete work accurately. There are also battery saving features like the 20-minute shutoff function which is really helpful to prolong your battery life so you never get caught short.


Talking of batteries, another reason we think the DeWalt DCD996P2 is one of the best hammer drills you can buy is the battery packs. With the really useful fuel gauge it lets you know how much run time there is left, plus compared to other standard battery packs it offers a 33% increased performance rate. In our opinion, the DeWalt DCD996P2 is not just a really great power tool it is also a valuable investment.

DEWALT DWD520K Pistol Grip Hammer Drill

Our second pick is the DeWalt DWD520K Pistol Grip Hammer Drill. On the market right now it is one of the best-designed drills if you need a tool that’s very agile, versatile and with a great motor. It has 50% more power than other standard models, making it one of the best choices for construction workers and masons to invest in.


The soft grip is a great feature and we really appreciate it because it makes holding the machine for long periods much easier, while being easy to manoeuvre. The hammer drill also has a two-finger grip which lets you have greater control over the drill, whether you are working on concrete, brick or stone.


If it’s an overall drill you are looking for then you will appreciate this drills dual mode. This dual-mode lets you switch seamlessly between hammer mode (for working with brick, stone and concrete) to the regular drill mode (for wood or steelwork). What really impressed us with the hammer drill mode was the heavy-duty capability of it, with it being able to power through tough work for a long time without losing performance.


So if you after the most complete drill available on the market (not just from DeWalt) then the DeWalt DWD520K is the tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying A Hammer Drill

How Does a Hammer Drill Work?

A hammer drill is like a hammer that doesn’t rotate, it hits the stone, concrete or brick chipping away pieces as it goes. The hammer drill setting is not for working with screws or nails, the tool for that job is the impact driver. Hammer drill settings are is purely designed for drilling tough materials like masonry, concrete or brick.

What is a hammer drill?

A rotary hammer drill is a hammer drill where a piston and rod that hits against the bit. This piston and rod action makes the rotary hammer drill much more powerful than a regular hammer drill by amplifying the effect of the power. The more power, the easier it can drill through materials.

How does a rotary hammer drill work?

The rotary hammer drill works by creating more powerful blows against the target by using a piston and rod to hit the bit. The motor when turned on moves a gear which then moves a rod. The hammer mechanism is hit by the rod which produces a strong force against the hammer bit. It happens very quickly creating a more powerful, efficient effect than you get from a hammer drill.  

Can a Hammer Drill work as a Regular Drill?

If your hammer drill is equipped with several different function settings then you will be able to use it as a regular drill, but remember you must check these settings first. If it only has a hammer drill setting then you will not be able to use it as a regular drill. This setting will most likely be called an impact driver or simply a driver drill.

What is the Difference Between a Hammer and an Impact Drill?

The hammer drill can create holes in brick, stone and concrete by hitting it consistently. No rotation action is involved in the process. To achieve the best results with this drill you will use a chisel bit. The impact drill, whether cordless, corded or brushless can create a similar result. Instead of hammering the target to get the desired result, it uses a rotating action. When using an impact drill you will usually use a masonry bit to get the best results. But if you are want to do sanding and polishing then you will be looking at a totally different piece of kit – right angle drill.

Do You Have to Use a Hammer Drill for Concrete?

It is technically possible to drill through concrete without a hammer drill, but it is no easy task. Investing in a hammer drill is your best option as they are designed to work efficiently and quickly on materials like concrete. It’s always important to check you are using the right bit for the job which is usually a chisel bit. If its drill bits for metal with strong carbon replaced steels you need – then hop over to our expert guide for more information.

What is the Hammer Setting Used For?

 The hammer setting is used to bore into sturdy materials such as concrete, asphalt, brick, and stone. It works by powering the motor enough to create a hammering action with the mechanism inside your drill press that can work quickly and efficiently. The hammer setting is used for boring into sturdy material such as brick, stone, asphalt or concrete. It powers the motor enough to create a hammering action in the mechanism inside your drill press, which makes it work very quickly and efficiently.

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