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DW745 Table Saw Review 2022


Key Features of the Dewalt DW745 Table Saw

 The reason the DW745 model is suitable for both professionals and hobbyists is its high level of versatility. Dewalt has created a high-quality table saw with the ability to complete a number of different woodcuts on a range of different wood types. This makes it a perfect option, whether you are looking for a new table saw to replace your existing tool, or if you are buying your first table saw.  




  • 1700W Motor
  • Max. Cut Depth: 77mm
  • 24-Tooth TCT Blade Included
  • Parallel & Mitre Fences
  • Dust Extraction Facility
  • Blade Brake 
  • Low Friction Coating on Table 

Our Verdict


The DeWalt DW745 is one of the best table saws available on the market. Although it is slightly more expensive than your standard table saws the quality of cut and transportability make this an attractive option to users that work in more than one place. 

DeWalt also has a 1-year warranty on the DW745 table saw. This is unlikely to be needed but provides peace of mind when purchasing.

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dewalth table saw dw745 model
dewalt dw745 power cable
dewalt dw745 table saw blade


What else do you need to know about the Dewalt DW745 Table Saw?

The DeWalt DW745 There is a requirement for table saws to be tough and robust due to the need to be able to cut through materials efficiently. When it comes to table saws you tend to get the quality that you pay for. If you search the reviews and customer comments of cheap table saws you tend to see remarks about flimsy or cheap components reducing the quality of cuts. The Dewalt DW745 isn’t the cheapest table saw on the market but it certainly isn’t unaffordable. Dewalt’s brand is known for quality and with all power tools, you get the quality that you pay for. 


Alongside the durability and consistency in providing accurate cuts, there is another key feature that makes the DW745 an attractive option. Dewalt has designed the DW745 to be a compact table saw which is easy to transport with its moderate weight of only 22kg. This makes it a good option for users that are mobile wherever it’s needed in your personal workshop to the sites of your different projects. It also has an optimised footprint providing a steady grip to most surfaces, keeping steady to maintain accurate cuts. 



Dewalt DW745 Specifications

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What do we think about the Dewalt DW745 Table Saw?


Performance – Good


Dewalt have maintained their reputation for producing quality high-performance power tools with the DW745 table saw. This model’s 15-amp torque motor is suited to a wide range of jobs that a typical carpenter or avid DIYer may come across. Examples include cutting processed beams, splitting hardwood and even pressure-treated planks.


The DW745 is complete with a 10-inch blade that can deliver up to 3850 rpm, which is impressive for a smaller table saw. This power output allows the table saw to make consistently clean cuts in a range of different types of wood. 


There are obviously more powerful table saws, with some alternative models delivering between 4000-5000 rpm. However, the DW745’s performance is more than adequate for all small to medium-sized projects so this table saw models power is far from a limitation. 


The blade can also be tilted at varying degrees whilst still performing clean cuts. The DW745 can achieve a cut of 2.25 inches deep at a 45-degree tilt and a cut of 3.13 inches at a 90-degree tilt.


Design - Okay

The design of the Dewalt DW745 is sufficient to complete any tasks that it needs to. Some customer reviews have stated that the design is a limitation of this particular model. However, we believe the price and affordability of the DW745 more than makes up for a couple of design flaws. 


There are also good aspects of the DW745 design. The ‘tool-free adjusting system’ makes this model stand out against its competitors. This does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to adjust any part of the table saw without the need for additional tools. 


Dewalt has also included telescopic fence rails in the DW745 design which allows the user to adjust the units position to suit their personal preferences. This is a big selling point for us as this level of personal tool customisation is rare for such an affordable table saw.


Dewalt dw745 specifications
Dewalt dw745 tool free blade adjustment

Safety Features – Good


Dewalt is known for providing good safety mechanisms within their power tools and the DW475 table saw is no exception. The guarding system of the blade is convenient as well as effective with a built-in push stick and miter gauge keeping you safe as you make cuts. 


These safety features are more than sufficient for this table saw making it a great option for new or experienced users. As with all power tools, it is important that users must wear appropriate personal protective equipment regardless of their experience or competency with the equipment. 


Additional Features – Dust Collector


The Dewalt DW745 also has a dust collecting port which helps keep workspaces clean and tidy regardless of the material you are cutting. There is a slight limitation with this feature as the table saw isn’t fully enclosed, this means that some of the dust will be collected, however, you may need to remove excess dust in between cuts. 

Summary of the Dewalt DW745

The Dewalt DW745 table saw is a great option for professional carpenters as well as avid DIYers who need to make accurate cuts a range of different types of wood regularly. This model is designed to be compact, durable and easy to transport weighing only 22kg. This makes it ideal if you tend to work in more than one place. 


Dewalt has created a very powerful and durable table saw in the DW745 which is more than suitable for all small to medium sized jobs. It is also a very popular tool on the market with many customers providing great reviews about the power and transportability of the saw. 


As with all affordable tools, the model is not quite perfect with a couple of design flaws that are mentioned in this review. 


However, the advantages of the DW745 model massively outweigh the drawbacks and if you’re looking for a durable, easy to transport and affordable table saw, this option by Dewalt is a great choice.

What do you need to consider when buying a table saw?

Whether you are a carpenter by trade or just a keen DIY hobbyist, a table saw can be an important and handy piece of equipment to make your projects easier. A high-quality table saw can rid of the hassle of trying to find different ways to cut down large sections of wood, providing you with the ability to make accurate cuts quickly and easily.


At Wonkee Donkee Tools we believe that the most important consideration when buying a new power tool is to identify the tasks you need to complete and then find the tool with the best specifications to complete these tasks. The table saw market is competitive with a range of different brands and models all offering their own unique features. This shows the importance of choosing the right table saw for you and the needs of your projects.


We highly recommend that you don’t just buy the first table saw you find. If you do, you may end up with a model that doesn’t fulfil the tasks you need or lacks extra features that other models offer which could benefit you. 


Our job at Wonkee Donkee involves testing the best power tools on the market, providing our honest reviews to allow you to make the best decision when purchasing your next power tool. 


In this article we provide a full Dewalt DW745 Table Saw review; breaking the model down by specification, key features, benefits and drawbacks. We came across the Dewalt DW745 model as a table saw for professional carpenters but also for devoted DIY’ers who wish to cut down large pieces of wood easily and accurately. We believe that the DW475 model ticks the three key boxes of versatility, durability and transportability.

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