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Best Youngman Loft Ladder

Best Youngman's Loft Ladder

Youngman are known as experts in the ladder and access equipment industry. A combination of clever design and high-quality build has lead to this well-earned reputation and at Wonkee Donkee we are big fans of the UK based company. So much so, that we decided to test all of their extensive loft ladder range and come up with our favourite.

Youngman 313340 Easi-Way Aluminum 3-Section Loft Ladder

The Youngman 313340 Easiway Aluminium 3-section loft ladder is designed for for using only occasional basis. It is perfect for use where there is limited space available and is designed to used in ceiling openings from 508mm x 432m and it’s loft to floor capability is from 2.3m (minimum) to 3m (maximum). It has 12 wide treads which make for comfortable climbing and can tread load bear is up to a maximum of 100kg.


This loft ladder offers 0.75m vertical loft clearance and 1.05m horizontal loft clearance, as well as having a unique shoot bolt fastening meaning it is very safe and easy to use. The ladder has a pivot arm operation which means it will glide easier and smoothly when being opened and closed. It has been tested and certified to BS 7553 Class G (General Use) and comes with full fitting instructions.

Guide to Buying a Youngman Loft Ladder

When choosing the best loft ladder, everyone’s pick will differ based on their requirements. So with that in mind here are a few questions you should consider when buyer a new loft ladder:

How regularly will the loft be used?

So first to think about is will the loft be used on a regular basis. This is important as you will need to chose a ladder that is easy to operate. Best for easy operation is a ladder that has counter balance springs which will make the ladder lighter and ultimately need less effort to use.


Generally speaking concertina ladders are better to use in this situation as metal and wood folding ladders need a lot more effort. If your budget will allow it even better still is an electrically operated ladder. Obviously with regular use there will be the issue of wear and tear, therefore it is much better to opt for a loft ladder made from aluminium, steel or a good quality timber one.

What is the loft being used for?

Where space is concerned the loft is an invaluable asset. If your loft is only going to used for such things as Christmas decorations, choosing a light-duty ladder will do the job perfectly well. Ideally a loft ladder that can take a tread load rating of 150kg. On the other hand, if the loft is to be used more regularly for heavy, bulky items or to store things such as ventilation equipment which will need regular maintenance, then a heavy-duty ladder will be far more suitable. Choosing one that has a tread load rating of 180kg or 200kg.

Where is the loft ladder located?

Location of you loft will be key to choosing the best loft ladder to suit your needs. The reason being is that it can determine which size of ladder you can have and what degree of thermal insulation you will need. As an example, if the loft you wish to access is above the garage then less consideration will be needed in regard to space and insulation. Where as if the loft space is in a bedroom or hallway, then there may be floor restrictions. Also, if you don’t want any nasty cold draught’s the loft will require an airtight seal and greater thermal insulation.

Who will be using the loft?

For easy use a ladder with a high quality counter balance spring mechanism is best. This mechanism makes extending and retracting the ladder takes less effort to use. Some ladders will come with an assisting rod which also make opening and closing much easier. For a few extra pounds it is possible to buy ladders that can be operated electrically making operation really easy and effortless. Also to consider is a loft ladder that comes with handrails and treads that are both deep and wide, these will both add ease of use and safety.


Another consideration is the material the ladder is made of. Ladders are made of aluminium, steel or timber. Timber ladders generally weigh heaviest so will require more effort to use, they are also affected by moisture and temperature. Aluminium on the other hand, are lighter and are rust resistant.

Who will be using the loft?

It is very important to understand the space available for your new loft ladder. The image below shows the key dimensions that you need to measure before ordering a loft ladder.Wooden loft ladders typically require a larger opening length, because of the way they fold up onto the hatch door. Although the Quadro wooden loft ladder is available for opening lengths as small as 1m, this is limited to ceiling heights up to 2.39m. In most instances wooden loft ladders require a minimum of 1.2m. In addition, they will often require quite a large area in front to allow them to be extended. Where space is limited, concertina loft ladders provide a better option.


A key factor when purchasing a loft ladder is considering the space your ladder will need. Generally speaking wooden loft ladders will need a larger hatch opening because of the way the fold up onto the hatch door. They will also tend to be limited in their ceiling heights, usually up to 2.39m. The space they require for extending will be greater, so if space is limited a concertina loft ladder will be the best option. Their compact design also makes them perfect for smaller ceiling openings.

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