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Best Wooden Gazebo

Best Wooden Gazebo

At Wonkee Donkee, our team of experts have come together to review the best wooden Gazeebos available on the market. We have taken into account all of the important specifications such as their durability, lifetime and value. Take a moment to see which Gazebo we think is the best wooden Gazebo available on the market today.

Checo Octagonal Wooden Gazebo

The Checo Wooden Gazebo is made of a mixture of spruce and pine wood making it lightweight and durable. Its design offers great ventilation and sturdiness against windy weather, while the pine it’s made of also helps to prevent the wood from shrinking and swelling. Oh! and is great for painting too. The octagonal shafts help to keep out the rain making it ideal for any part of the garden. This gazebo is designed so that it can be secured down to wooden or concrete patios, however it is worth noting a base is not included with this model.


The pressure treated timber means the gazebo is well protected to prevent rot and decay from fungi to insects, meaning the life of the wood is extended – you’ll have your gazebo around for years to come. The Checo Octagonal Gazebo is very spacious, with a height of 8 feet 6 inches and length and width of 11 feet 6 inches allows you to fit a table that can seat a family of 5 with ease.

Liveoutside Brompton Small Wooden Gazebo

The Liveoutside Brompton Small Wooden Gazebo is an easy to install structure that comes complete with everythging you will need to assemble the gazebo. Made with pressure treated timber that have been treated with an advanced preservative formula you can be confident it will withstand weathering, rot, decay and insects. It has a felt tiled roof which is lightweight and easy to repair if it becomes damaged.


The Brompton makes a great DIY project, it is designed so that it only takes 2 people to erect in just a few hours. This Liveoutside Bromptom Wooden Gazebo comes with a 10 year warranty against rot and insect attack, although this is only on honoured if the gazebo hasn’t had direct contact with the ground – if it has then the durability of the wood will decrease.

Guide to Buying a Wooden Gazebo

This guide’s purpose is to help you choose the right wooden gazebo for your needs after all you want to know your money is well spent. So here are some of the things we think should help with that purchase:

Shape and Size

A wooden gazebo, once installed will become a permenant fixture and in most cases a focal attraction in the garden so it is important to get size and shape right. It is also worth noting that size will determine how much you pay and how easy it will be to install.


There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from but the most common tend to be rectangle or hexagonal. Generally speaking rectangle shaped gazebos are the easiest to install due to their simple design. There are however more elaborate shapes such as octagonal if your tastes are for a more sophisticated look.


With regard to size, this will all depend on what space you have available or where in your garden you want to place it. We would suggest for instance, that if you have smaller sized garden, to consider a gazebo that is smaller in size and to place it in a corner. Reason being you want a gazebo to compliment your garden and not be a hinderance or obstacle because it is too big or poorly placed.


When deciding the shape of gazebo it is worth taking into account the style of home you have. For instance, ‘period’ style homes suit the traditional hexagonal shape gazebo while the more modern home will suit an ‘open’ style gazebo.


The importance of the quality of the material used for your gazebo is a serious consideration. Why? Short answer – the weather! You want to be sure your wooden gazebo isn’t rotting and decaying all too soon. Therefore, investing in the best quality wood possible will be money well spent.


One option is to go for a gazebo made of pressure treated timber which are usually treated with a preservative, meaning it wont rot so quickly and therefor last longer. Gazebos made of this type of material tend to be initially expensive. A cheaper option is a gazebo made from softwood. These will need to be painted and treated with staining a couple of times a year. It is worth looking at this added cost and working out if it would pay to go for the more expensive pre-treated in the first place.


A whole new set of factors come into play while choosing a wooden gazebo for hot tubs since it would be in contact with the steam coming out of the tub.The gazebo should be coated with a liquid plastic steam-proof coating to prevent acceleration of damage. Where your wooden gazebo is being used with a hot tub there are further considerations you need to think about. Obviously steam exposure can be an issue so ensuring the gazebo has a steam-proof coating is important if you want to prevent damage to the wood of your gazebo.


The location of your wooden gazebo will be determined by how large the space is you have available and what purpose you have decided it is for. As previously mentioned placing your gazebo in a corner of a smaller garden is going to ensure you are not going to take up value space and will enhance the look of the garden.


It will also mean you can use its poles for creeper plants etc, adding that something special to your garden outlook, and add that extra bit of privacy if that is what is important to you. If your garden permits and you want a gazebo as more central feature then one with less poles and a more open structure will look much more pleasing to the eye. It will also allow for better social interaction during larger social gatherings.


In the world of gazebos those made of wood are generally the most expensive type gazebo you can buy. As previously stated, knowing why you want from your wooden gazebo is of vital importance. It will mean that you will be more confident in the knowledge you are spending your money wisely and getting the right gazebo for you.

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