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Best Ridgid Table Saws

Best Ridgid Table Saws

In honesty, Ridgid is not the most well-known table saws brand on the market (well not compared to heavyweights like Bosch or DeWalt). However, what Ridgid lose in brand awareness they make up for with complete quality. They are kind of the new kid on the block if you don’t know much about table saws. But amongst those in the know, they are a popular brand of high-grade table saws.


When we first came across the Ridgid table saw, admittedly we were also sceptical at first. After five minutes of operating them, we were in love. So much so that we decided to write this best Ridgid table saw review. If you are considering buying a Ridgid table saw then we have made life easy for you. In this review, we have just picked out our top pick. Don’t get us wrong, there are several we could have recommended. In fact, it’s difficult to think of a Ridgid saw table that we don’t like or wouldn’t recommend.


Saying this, we want to keep it short and sweet so we have decided to do a full Ridgid R4512 table saw review. We really think that you’ll be blown away like we were with hoe exceptional this table saw is. On the other hand, if you are not then you should check out our best table saw review to find out what we think of other models available to buy.

Ridgid R4512 Table Saw

This is our favourite Ridgid table saw, but not only that it is probably our the best contractor table saw list we have tested and reviewed too. We will begin with the R34512’s 13 amp motor that delivers 3,450 RPMs. This power output means you can work more intensely for longer periods, which is so important when working on a contracting job to make sure the project moves along.


The base is built of strong cast iron base and has the strength to support pretty much all wood types. Using cast iron is a huge advantage as it means that most of the vibrations are absorbed, making it much easier and more comfortable to use. We love that Ridgid guarantees that the surface of the table is even. This is super important because it means you can make more accurate cuts and know that the tool is working to help you rather than working against you.


At Wonkee Donkee, we appreciate how well the Ridgid R4512 table saw is designed. The hand wheel on this model allows you to rotate the front crank to get more control over the blade. What we found when we used this was that is provided us with extra control over the quality of cut we were making which is really important to us. In addition, the brake system is well positioned so you can automatically stop the blade before your body gets too close. There is also a robust blade guard which is another important safety feature to keep the operator safe.


Under the saw, you’ll find rolling casters that allow you to move the saw into different positions when working on smoother surfaces. If we had to pick one drawback of the Ridgid R4512 table saw it would be that it does not come with any extension pieces or add-ons. This is a little frustrating as it limits the size of wood you can cut. You can purchase add-ons and extensions which fit this model and they actually work surprisingly well. To us, we just think that all table saws should come with at least extension pieces as standard.


If you haven’t come across the Ridgid brand before we would really recommend that you check out their range of high-quality products. In regard to the Ridgid R4512 table saw, at Wonkee Donkee we don’t think you can go wrong. It really is just a high-quality great all round table saw. Don’t let the lack of a DeWalt or Bosch sticker put you off.



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Ridgid Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

We totally understand that this review is meant to be about which Ridgid table saw is the best and well we have already covered that with our Ridgid R4512 table saw review above. So we thought that to accompany our review we should write a buyer’s guide, especially for people who are new to table saws.


When it comes to table saws, most of them have the same features and specifications. So regardless of which brand or model you are looking at buying, this guide can be of use.

What are your specific needs?

Table saws actually come in all shapes and sizes because they have been designed to meet different needs or excel in certain tasks. The first thing you need to do before buying a table saw is to find out and understand what you need a table saw for. The biggest key feature of the latest table saws is the portable design. If you need a device that you can work with on-site as well as in the workshop a more lightweight and compact model is what you should look for. Once you have taken all of this into consideration, you can now start looking at which table saws are best suited to completing the tasks you need.


The next hurdle is deciding your budget and price range. When buying a table saw it is sometimes better to look at the long term as more expensive models can give you years more use than a cheaper version. So initially, it is more expensive. But after years of use, it becomes so much better value.


Below we have gone into more detail on the most important things to consider before buying a table saw:


Portable table saws are not actually that new. They have been around for a while, but it’s only recently that the technology has caught up increasing the productivity and quality to compete with static table saws. If we are honest, they are not quite there yet as more power equals more weight, but they are getting very close. Contractors often have a requirement to have table saws on the job site, with that in mind you’ll have to take a hard look at the specifications and see how transportable and easy it is to move from A to B.


This can vary massively, often it depends on what jobs you’ll be doing and what type of wood you will be working with. On the other hand, weight is pretty important. It needs to be a balance between lightweight enough to carry and manoeuvre but solid enough to be robust. Again it all comes back to what you actually need the table saw to do. If you won’t be completing intensive work with large materials often then you should consider a compact model that you can set up and use in a few minutes. The average compact table saw weighs around 22kg or 50lbs, to give you a ballpark picture of what to expect.

Rip Capacity

Rip capacity is the term we use to explain the capacity to cut different size wood. It stands to reason that generally speaking the bigger the saw, the denser the wood can be cut. It can be vital to get this right because if you’re a hobby woodworker, you will probably need a bigger rip capacity to deal with larger wood, as you often do in woodworking.


Contrastly, if you don’t deal with a lot of wood, you might be OK with a compact table saw that offers significantly less rip capacity. Rip capacity is a well-used term in most product descriptions so it will be easy to find out what a models capabilities will be. If you are not sure whether a certain rip capacity is enough then you should always read the customer reviews. Most table saw buyers will review their purchase and provide really informative points about the positives and negatives of tools.


Unfortunately, for many price is probably the biggest factor. It would be great if we had an unlimited budget for power tools but sadly that’s not how life works (and our sheds wouldn’t be big enough). The good news, you don’t actually need the biggest budget to buy a good quality table saw.


So you need to look for the table saw that will offer you the most value for money. We think that the easiest way to do this is to look at the type of tool you need and then figure out how much a device of that design will cost. Of course, quality is important. That’s why a lot of contractors go for a Ridgid table saw. For those people that know about Ridgid table saws, they are aware that this brand only releases quality products. Although they are not generally well-known, amongst those who know, they’re highly regarded due to their perfect balance between price, performance and quality.

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