Best painter's tools


1. Standard paint brush set (1/2"- 4")

 paint brushes 

The Paint Brushis the painter's most important tool, so investing in a top quality set of brushes is a must. Cheap brushes tend to shed hairs all over the place and you will be forever trying to pick them out of your paintwork.


The most common bush sizes available in sets are between ½" and 4" 

Brushes are also available individually.


2. Rollers (large, medium and small)

 paint roller 

Rollers are very efficient painting tools that can cover a large area very quickly. It doesn't hurt to have a few different sized rollers for those more intricate or awkward jobs.

We recommend a roller with a threaded handle. This will give a secure conection to an extension pole when required.

Spare roller refills are available:
High density foam - for water based paints and varnishes;
Foam - for a fine finish on smooth surfaces using gloss and emulsion paints;
Short pile - for emulsion and water-based paints on smooth surfaces;
Medium pile - for gloss and emulsion paints on smooth and semi smooth surfaces;
Long pile - for masonry and emulsion paints on rough surfaces such as brickwork and render.


3. Roller extension pole

 roller extension 

Extend your reach with this handy Extension Pole and you will be able to roller walls and ceilings without overstretching.


4. Bucket


A Bucket is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for mixing, carrying, and even roughly measuring materials or liquids. 


5. Paint trays

 paint tray 

Paint Trays are a must if you intend to use rollers. Designed specifically for use with roller brushes, they allow quick, even and efficient paint loading ready for painting your walls and doors, etc.

Always supplied in a kit, roller paint trays are also available individually.


6. Retractable trimming knife

 retractable trimming knife 

Retractable Trimming Knife(generally known as a Stanley Knife although many other brands are available) can cut wallpaper, string, wire insulation, and even slice through plasterboard. If nothing else, you can use it to sharpen your pencil. Fits comfortably in a pocket for easy access.

Bladesof different designes are ready available, and retract into the body when not in use. Fixed Blade Trimming Knives are also available.


7. Extension ladder

 extension ladder 

You'll never be out of reach with one of these in tow. A top quality Ladderwill be lightweight and durable. It can be kept together for compact storage or slides apart for full extension.

For occasional users and easy storage and transportation, consider the Telescopic Ladder.

A must-have tool for anybody whether they are a professional or a DIYer. 


8. Tape measure

 tape measure 

A simple Pocket Tape Measure with metric and imperial markings for measuring anything from wallpaper lengths to floor and wall dimensions for working out surface area for ordering the correct quantity of paint.


A 5 metre (16 feet) tape will be long enough for most jobs although larger sizes are available. Can be clipped to a toolbelt for ease of access.

Available in 2m (6ft),3m (10ft),5m (16ft),8m (26ft), and 10m (33ft).


9. Pencil


Carpenters Pencil for marking out. The shape helps guide it against an object and helps it to fit comfortably behind most ears. If nothing else you can use it to fill in the crossword on your lunch break.

Sharpeners are available for use with carpenter pencils, or use a Sharp Knife.


10. Soft touch pole sander

 pole sander 

The Pole Sanderis a great tool for prepping walls prior to hanging wallpaper or painting. If you have erected a drywall and used jointing compound, you may want to smooth away any rough edges or excess mixture. The wide sanding pad allows you to cover a large area very quickly.


11. Hacking knife

 hacking knife 

The Hacking Knife is a tough little tool used to hack away old putty and compound from your window frames.

Ideal when replacing old, cracked putty prior to painting.


12. Window scraper

 window scraper 

This may look like the latest shaving razor but they are, in fact, used for removing excess dry paint from windows. A Window Scraper would also make an excellent windscreen ice scraper.


13. Dust sheets

 dust sheet 

Keeping a clean and tidy working area fills your customers with confidence. Show them how diligent you are by covering their possessions with a few carefully placed Dust Sheets.

Be carefull though, paint will flow through most dust sheets. Most will stop small splashes, but not spills. Use a Polythene Backed Dust Sheet or Tarpaulin to totally protect carpets from spills.


14. Claw hammer

 claw hammer 

Perhaps not your first thought when you think of painter's tools but you will not regret having a Claw Hammer at hand to deal with any awkward nails or if something needs prying open.


15. Skeleton gun

 skeleton gun 

A Skeleton Gun(or Mastic Gun) is a must have tool that's used for dispensing caulk and adhesives. Quick to load and easy to use. 


16. Stripping knife


A Stripping Knife or Scraper is a handy tool used for stripping paint and wallpaper.


To learn more, see our guide to: Floor and Wall Scrapers


17. Putty knife

 Putty Knife 

A Putty Knife has been especially designed for the application of putty and filler to walls and ceilings. Fill cracks, corners and crevices with the putty knife's clipped point. An essential tool.


18. Paint kettle

 paint kettle 

A Paint Kettle is simply used to hold paint. It can also be used to mix wallpaper paste, hold paintbrushes or other small tools. Especially useful when working at height.   


19. Step ladder

 step ladder 

A good quality, lightweight, easy to use Step Ladder is an essential tool for any professional or DIYer. The best selling size is a seven step 1.5m (5 feet) ladder. This size will allow you to change light bulbs and complete most general purpose painting jobs without being unwieldy.  Most importantly, it will fit in the back of your van or car. Aluminium varieties are strong and lightweight; ideal for all-purpose use.


20. Cordless combi drill

 cordless combi drill 

A Combi Drill allows you to drill as well as drive and because it is battery powered, you can use it anywhere. A thoroughly useful tool with various applications. Purchasing a good quality one is well advised and will provide you with years of service.

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