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Best Milwaukee Hammer Drill

Milwaukee Hammer Drill Review

The Milwaukee brand is one of the most well known and respected manufacturers of power tools in the industry. It’s right up there with household names such as Bosch, DeWalt, Hilit and more. They specialize in power tools, but they’re also known for high-quality hand tools, pliers, screwdrivers, full toolsets and so much more.


One of the reasons why they are so well respected is that they have been making tools for almost 100 years. During this time they have always been known for their quality, never letting their standards drop so you know what you’re getting is top of the range.


At Wonkee Donkee we regularly write how to guides on everything to do with DIY, hand tools and power tools. We also try out and test products and then review them for our readers. The reason we have created this is that there is one particular SDS drill/hammer drill, that we absolutely love. It is a market leader in many ways and we would be remiss if we didn’t spend some time talking you through why we think it is such a great power tool. If you want to know what we think are the best power tools about then check out our Best SDS Hammer Drill Review.

Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Hammer Driver Drill

The Milwaukee 2704-20 ½ Inch Hammer Driver Drill is an amazing piece of kit. What we love the most about it at Wonkee Donkee is that is really well designed. You can tell that Milwaukee has put a lot of thought into the construction of the 2704-20 hammer drill. For example, Milwaukee’s battery technology is some of the best in the power tool market. It is called the ‘Milwaukee Red Link Plus’ and it works by monitoring the functionality of the hammer drill while you’re using it. This technology monitors everything that’s going on within the machine but particularly the temperature of the battery. Stopping the battery overheating is important to the overall performance of the tool and protects the life of the battery.


It may seem a small feature, but this helps to ensure that your battery will never overheat or overload; adding to the argument of the Milwaukee 2704-20 being the most durable hammer drill on the market. and gives it a little competitive edge over other drills available.


In terms of cold hard numbers, the Milwaukee 2704-20 delivers over 1,200 pounds (544 kg) of optimal torque and a little over 2,000 RPM. So it truly is a beast, not just a drill with a couple of gimmicky features. Our recommendation for any professional or hobbyist who uses an SDS hammer drill regularly is to definitely give this Milwaukee model some serious consideration. The one drawback is that this model typically comes without the battery included, so always take this into account when looking to buy a hammer drill.



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Milwaukee Hammer Drill Buying Guide

How to use a hammer drill?

A hammer drill is probably one of the most useful and the most versatile power tools that you will ever own. Not only can it do what your ordinary drill driver is built to do, but it can also make holes through the toughest of surfaces without damaging the surface or the drill itself. In most cases, a regular drill driver would still be able to do the job, but it will definitely take longer than expected to finish it and probably require more force from the user.


There is also the possibility of damaging the drill bit, which is obviously not good. More importantly, when using your drill driver there is no guarantee that it will cleanly drill a hole through the surface as a hammer drill does. So to save you hanging a bigger picture to cover the ‘practice holes’, it is always best to use a hammer drill for those tough surfaces.


There are a lot of hammer drills that are already available on the market. But, you need to be very careful in choosing the right one that gives you everything you need. When it comes to which brand to choose then you are spoilt for choice. All of the top power tool manufacturers such as Bosch, Skil, Dewalt and many more have a range of hammer drills available. Along with the most well-known brands, there are also a lot of lesser-known manufacturers who have their own take on the hammer drill. They too have been coming out with very impressive power tools at very competitive prices.

How to choose the best hammer drill?

It is not too hard to look for a cheap hammer drill that would carry all the features that you need. Even the newest cordless models have what it takes to give you superior quality performance when it comes to power and efficiency. However, when looking for a cordless hammer drill, it is best to look for a battery that uses lithium-ion. This is because it charges up to three times faster and does not self-discharge. A lithium-ion battery is also lighter in weight than most NiCad batteries, so that is another thing for you to take note of.


While people like cordless technology because of the convenience that it brings, most experienced DIYers and contractors still prefer to use a corded hammer drill. This is because there is more raw power in comparison to the cordless options. This extra power is obviously useful but the restrictions of needing to be near a power source and the power cable getting in the way are the two obvious drawbacks. So where you are working is equally as important when you are choosing between a corded or cordless hammer drill.


For example, if you are a professional and would need to carry around a hammer drill with you at all times, it is best to have a cordless unit. But if you are a homemaker and would only be needing it to do simple jobs around the house, you can opt for the corded hammer drill. Whatever it is that you choose, we are pretty sure we can help you find the perfect model for you.

What is the Difference Between a Hammer and an Impact Drill?

A hammer drill has the ability to create holes in stone, brick, and concrete by hitting the target object repeatedly like you would with a hammer. There is absolutely no rotation involved in this operation and it is a simple forward and back motion.


Typically when you use this drill, you should attach the chisel bit to get the best results. A corded, cordless or brushless impact drill can get you the same result, but instead of hammering it uses a rotational motion to deliver that hammering type motion.


When you use the impact drill, you normally use a masonry bit in order to give the best results. To get the best results then you should always remember the key rule of using a chisel bit with a hammer drill and a masonry bit with an impact drill.

What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

Rotary hammer drills are a variation of hammer drill that incorporates a piston and rod to hit against the bit to increase power. This process amplifies the power significantly and as a result, makes this type of hammer the more powerful option. More power obviously means a cleaner hole drilled (especially with harder materials) so a better-finished project.

How Does a Rotary Hammer Drill Work?

Rotary hammer drills work by harnessing a piston and rod to generate more power as it hits the target. It works by moving a gear as it turns on, which in turn moves the rod, the rod then hits the hammer mechanism. This all together generates an intense force as it hits the hammer bit because it’s an explosive action. The result is, it’s a more powerful output than standard hammer drills.

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