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Best Hilti Hammer Drill 2022

Hilti Hammer Drill Review

Whenever we think of Hilti we know what we are getting, and that’s an extremely high-quality power tool. They are not the most commonly known tool manufacturer but that’s because their product line is normally designed for the construction industry, rather than the home enthusiast. The business, coming out of Lichenstein (of all places) has grown into a massive company, employing over 29,000 people around the world. They are a mainstay of the power tool industry and that includes hammer drills or SDS drills. So we felt it was important that we had a look at what they have to offer.


In this Hilti hammer drill review, we have decided to home in on the Hilti SF 6H-A22 22V Hammer Drill Driver. Once we explain to you why we chose this model, we think you’ll definitely understand. As a cherry on top, we have also created a small guide on how to choose the best hammer drill for you.

Hilti SF 6H-A22 22V Hammer Drill Driver

The Hilti SF 6H-A22 22V Hammer Drill Driver is a really well-designed power tool and you notice this as soon as you pick it up. In many ways, it looks and feels exactly like the Hilti Impact Driver so if you have ever used one of those before you’ll know exactly what we mean. It uses the same grip design, which has an extremely comfortable rubberized over-mould that extends from the palm area up and around the back of the tool body. This offers both comfort and protection from vibration when in use. It also offers a shortish auxiliary handle that attaches just behind the chuck which is ideal to increase stability and control drilling through tougher materials.


More and more these days SDS drills are coming out with brushless motors. So we were a little surprised that the latest Hilti SF 6H-A22 still has an all-metal gear motor that is brushed. But, we are not complaining! It is one hell of a hammer drill with an incredible a variable speed trigger so you’re always in control. It also comes with deep discharge protection, a very practical work-light and Hilti’s Cordless Power Care (CPC). Alone, each of these features don’t seem that important, but the way Hilti has combined them makes the SF 6H-A22 22V Hammer Drill Driver an all-round great power tool.


If you’re looking for a beefy SDS drill drive / hammer drill that has the power to handle most jobs and the practicality to drill with auger and bits ranging from 1 inch to 5 inches in wood, this is your tool. For metal, it can drill up to ½ an inch and ½ inch in brick and masonry. This is largely thanks to the 28,000 impacts per minute the Hilti SF 6H-A22 delivers.


One of the final features that is worth noting is the electronic clutch’s Active Torque Control (ATC), which when deployed brakes the rotation. This happens when there is a bind-up and it helps to protect the operator of the hammer drill and prevents injury.


This is not really ideal for the average homeowner who likes to do some DIY it’s been designed for contractors, especially those who work on larger contracts and need a heavy-duty tool that can get through a lot of work. In that sense, it’s truly excellent. We are surprised they haven’t made a version with a brushless motor yet but when this motor is so good, they probably don’t need to. And who can blame them.



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How To Choose The Right Hammer Drill?

When looking for the right hammer drill, you have to consider a few things before you make your purchase. First, you have to take a very close look at its power system. How many speeds does it have? What about its torque? How many rotations per minute can it do? What is its housing made of? How durable does it look in terms of construction, features and price? If you have never bought a hammer drill before then all of these questions might be a little daunting.

Corded or Cordless

You would also need to know if what you want to have is a corded hammer drill or a cordless hammer drill. Where are you going to use it and what is it most likely going to be used for? Would you be needing to take it along with you as part of your job or is it just going to be used in and around the house?

Chuck Size

What about the chuck? How easy and fast would it be to change bits at one time? How about the handle grip, is it built for comfort and balance? Would it give you maximum control over what you are doing?


If it is a cordless hammer drill that you are after, make sure that you get every information that you can about the battery before you buy it. What is its battery made of, NiCad or Li-Ion? While some units may be cheaper if it’s a NiCad that it comes with, the battery life may not be as reliable compared to Lithium-Ion.


Li-Ion lasts so much longer and charges much faster. Some units also come with just one battery with no replacement. Look for the one that will provide you with an extra battery so you can efficiently charge one while you are busy using the other. That way, you can be sure that there is no chance of you running out while in the middle of a tough job.

Other Important Factors

There are also some hammer drills that come with a built-in LED light that can conveniently shine a light on where you are drilling. This is great if you are working in an enclosed space, in a dark area or just simply to help you guide the drill during use.


The final thing you need to consider is whether your hammer drill is backed by a warranty against defects or accidental damage. High-quality power tools do not always come cheap, so make sure that you are left with an assurance that you’re not throwing away money just like that.


There you are folks. Just a few guidelines in choosing the right hammer drill. Be smart enough to know what you’re purchasing and you are guaranteed that it will do everything you need and should last a whole lot longer than you think. Good luck, and happy drilling!

What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

Rotary hammer drills are a variation of hammer drill that incorporates a piston and rod to hit against the bit to increase power. This process amplifies the power significantly and as a result, makes this type of hammer the more powerful option. Hammer drills are more commonly used for masonry work such as breaking down concrete and are not designed for simple tasks such as putting a screw in place.


A lot of modern-day power drills now come with a multi-function option where you can switch between a standard drill and a hammer drill which is a handy addition. This means that you only need to have one tool so that’s less weight to carry, less storage space and less money spent. Want to know which drill we think is the best on the market? Read our best rotary hammer drill review now!

How Does a Rotary Hammer Drill Work?

Rotary hammer drills work by harnessing a piston and rod to generate more power as it hits the target. It works by moving a gear as it turns on, which in turn moves the rod, this rod then hits the hammer mechanism. All together this generates an intense force which gives the hammer bit its explosive action. The result of all this is a more powerful output than a standard hammer drill. If you only need a hammer drill now and again then a standard model or a multi-function drill will be more than enough. However, if you will be completing a lot of masonry tasks wither at home or at professional contracts.

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