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Best Hard-Top Gazebo

Best Hard-Top Gazebo

Outsunny 3 x 3 Meter Garden Aluminium Gazebo with Hardtop Roof

At present Outsunny is one of the leaders in the polycarbonate roof market. This Outsunny gazebo is an impressive and elegant looking outdoor gazebo. Its luxury design will certainly impress your guests. A strong and sturdy gazebo with a 3 meter by 3-meter metal and aluminum frame offering lots of room. While the 8 ground stakes provided give further security and stability. The polycarbonate hard top roof gives great protection from rain wind and those harmful UV rays. It also has extra air vents in the roof which allow for better air circulation when required, meaning you stay nice and cool when inside.


The Outsunny 3 x 3 Meter Garden Aluminium Gazebo comes with 4 dark grey curtains which offer privacy when you want it and when not required, can be tied back easily. There is mesh netting which helps protect against those irritating insects and bugs of summer evenings means you can enjoy your get-together without any uninvited guests.

Guide to Buying a Hard-Top Gazebo

There are lots of options out there in the gazebo market which can make choosing one a bit confusing even daunting. However, we think the best course of action is to stop and think about a few fundamentals first before you part with your hard-earned cash.


So, to help you on your way we’ve come up with a list of things to consider. Read on to find out what sort of things to consider so buy the best gazebo for the job you.

What will you be using your gazebo for?

This question will be what determines many of the other factors you will need to consider when purchasing a gazebo With that in mind, why do you want a gazebo?


Here are a few suggestions to be going on with; a place to chill out and unwind in, hold a party such as a wedding or birthday party, somewhere to work or a play space for the children. I’m sure many of you can come up with a whole lot more to add to this list. Remember, the use will play a vital part so it is also worth adding any possible uses you may need it for too, for example a stall at the local car boot sale.


The material you choose will be a big factor when buying a gazebo, this will be reflected in price, strength and durability of a gazebo. Frames come in a wide range of materials such as aluminium, steel or wood, while canopy’s are generally made a polyester with varing degrees of protection from the elements. In general, gazebo frames are made from metal and aluminium and are used in a wide variety of situations and locations. There is also the option to have vinyl frames which are a lot cheaper but unlike metal are not as durable. Also available are wooden frames which offer a more natural unique structure but is less easy to transport and not as durable as metal ones.

Shapes and Sizes

Another consideration is to look at what shape and size will suit your individual needs as gazebos come in a massive range of both size and shape. Of course these factors will play an important role in which structure you choose. Unless space is not an issue then you will definitely need to take a serious look at what your options are.


There are gazebos for the small garden up to big marquee style where space is not a consideration – and a whole range in between. Shapes also come in a wide range such as square, rectangle and octagonal, so lots to choose from but again determined by the space available.


This area of consideration goes hand in hand with shape and size as well as the function you will be using it for. Again, space will play a significant part in the design you choose. Pop up designs will offer easy installation and transportation where as more fixed heavy-duty gazebo will be more ideal for being a more permanent fixture. Some designs offer gazebos with removable walls or roofs that have ventilation and semi-opening features. Roofs also offer protection in varying degrees against the elements. Some offer total waterproof and UV protection while others only offer protection against light drizzle. The structure design will also determine how sturdy a gazebo is, so if you want one that will be out in all weathers then this factor is vital.

Portability / Assembly

This factor will be determined by what you use your gazebo for. If you are looking for a gazebo that can be transported and erected easily and quickly then if makes perfect sense to opt for a light-duty pop-up type gazebo. While if you intend to have your gazebo as an addition to your home or garden then a more heavy-duty canopy would much more sensible option offer both greater stability and protection.


And finally, price! It makes sense to consider whether the gazebo you are thinking of buying is worth the investment. If the intention for your gazebo is to be used on an occasional basis then spending a lot of money would not be a good investment, and a cheaper model will more than enough to do the job. However, if you intend to use your gazebo regularly or as an added room, such as play area for the children or work area, then invest in a high quality heavy-duty gazebo, it will be wise investment in the long run.

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