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Best Gazebo With Sides

Best Gazebo With Sides

Our team went out and looked at 10 different gazebos that come with sides. We took it turns using each one and gazebos and made notes of our experience, then got together and shared our thoughts. The result is this review. We settled down for a fierce debate, but we surprised ourselves by all agreeing on which is the best gazebo with sides, which almost never happens… ever. Here’s our pick.

AIRWAVE Gazebo Four Seasons Essential Pop-Up with Sides (2mx2m)

The Airwave Gazebo Four Seasons Essential Pop Up with Sides has been designed to be erected easily and quickly, making it ideal for those impromptu get togethers with friends and family. With its water resistant PVC coating canopy and 4 sides you are provided with excellent protection from light drizzle.


The sides have Velcro straps to secure attachment to the frame and has 2 side panels with church style windows. The frame is made of black powdered coated steel, giving the gazebo strength and durability. It comes with a roll up door that has 2 full length zips and extendable pole flaps meaning you wont have the wind sailing through it either.


This gazebo comes with all the guy ropes, pegs and a sand bag you need to make it safe and secure for general use. Airwave however, recommend that to keep this gazebo in good condition not to leave it out in severe weather conditions or overnight.

Guide to Buying a Gazebo with Sides

So you want to buy a gazebo? You will realize pretty quickly that there are a few things you will need to think about before making your purchase. If you take the time initially to think about your needs and/or requirements then you are more likely to be happy with your purchase. To aid you in the finding the best gazebo to meet your needs we’ve come up with a few questions to ask yourself. So please read on:

What will I be using my gazebo for?

First and foremost the question should be what will I be using my gazebo for? Why is this so important? Well, the market has a huge range of gazebos to chose from so knowing what you want yours for will steer you in the right direction to the one that best suits your needs.


Will your gazebo be for holding functions, parties? Or maybe for relaxing and chilling out in? An extra space for the the children to play in out of the sun or rain? Perhaps some added workspace is what you need? These are just a few suggestions, we’re sure you can probably come up with a lot more.

Features to think about:

Next step after you have decided the purpose of your gazebo is to think about what features it will need. By knowing which features you require it will make choosing the right model for you easier. A list of the features to think about now follows:


You will soon see that gazebos come a whole range of different designs. When it comes to design it’s important to take into account not only the use of the gazebo but what space you have available for it. Gazebos also come with a whole spectrum of canopy and wall choices. There are canopy’s that will offer UV protection, walls and canopy’s that can be adjusted to accommodate weather conditions. The design of how the gazebo is erected will also play a part too, from easy pop-up to the more permanently fixed gazebo. And of course colour, most gazebo’s will come in a wide range of colours so you have the choice of getting a design which fits in with your garden decor.


When buying gazebo this question plays a fundamental part in what is the best choice to make. Canopy’s in general are made from a polyester material, while frames are made from aluminum, metal or wood. The reliability, durability and price of a gazebo will based on what it’s made of.


Both commercially and domestically, metal and aluminum frames are a popular choice. Metal and aluminium offer durability and moveability, important if you want to put and take down regularly and with ease. There are gazebos that have wood frames, these are less portable and will not last as long but will look more in keeping with nature.

Shape and Size

When it comes to deciding shape and size of your gazebo, it goes without saying that this all depends on what room you have available for it is. If space isn’t an issue then of course it doesn’t need to be a so much of a consideration. However, for many people this is a significant factor. If your garden or area is small or there are obstacles such as flower beds or overhead telephone lines the size and shape are very important factors in deed.

Roof Style

The designs of gazebo roofs are many. From whether it is shower/waterproof, gives protection from the sun to added ventilation. Some of the more expensive models will offer not only waterproof roofs but ones will give UV protection and ventilation. Cheaper models tend to offer showerproof ability. So, think about when you will be using it, do you want it to be just for the summer months or do you want one that can be used all weathers. Don’t forget to consider how high the roof goes and whether you have any obstacle such as telephone lines it could interfere with.

Portability and Installation

Consideration as to how easy it is to install or move your gazebo is determined by what your requirements are. If you are looking for a gazebo you can pop-up and down, transport and store easily then a light-duty pop-up gazebo design is your best option. If on the other hand, you are looking for one that is to be more of a permanent fixture then a heavy-duty gazebo is the way to go.


How much you spend on your gazebo should be down to what you want to get out of it. If your gazebo is for the now and again garden event then you won’t need to spend lots of hard earned money on it, a light duty, pop-up, showerproof will do the job just fine. However, if you intend to use your gazebo as an extra room, play space or function room then spending that bit more will be a worthwhile investment, as they will offer durability, strength and protection from all the elements.

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