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Best Fakro Loft Ladders

Best Fakro Loft Ladders

Fakro specialize in loft ladders, building easy to fit, ready made designs that can be installed by DIY enthusiasts (without the need for professionals). At Wonkee Donkee, we love the quality of Fakro’s products and their research and design team are always at the forefront of innovation within the loft ladder industry. We like their products so much that we decided to test them all out for a range of different factors and write a review of the best one. So, here it is, our best Fakro loft ladder review!


This high quality pine wood 3-section folding ladder that extends to 2.8m is made by the manufacturer Fakro. Made to be pleasing on the eye, the Fakro LWK has an insulated hatch that is white on the outside as well as the inside. Hatch size is 60cm x 120cm, with a thickness of 3.6cm and an insulation thickness of 3cm with a peripheral seal.


The Fakro LWK loft ladder comes with accessories which ensures using the ladder is comfortable. The feet are fitted with brown stile ends, which means the floor is well protected and makes the ladder very stable. It has a red painted metal handrail fitted on the angle brackets, making climbing the ladder easier.


Excellently designed ladder that is really comfortable to use with non-slip treads that stand out from the strings, and decent space between the hatch and ladder which makes climbing really easy.The ladder comes fully assembled which makes fitting into the ceiling quick and easy. The Fakro LWK meets the requirements of EN14975 and comes with a 3 year warranty

Guide to Buying a Fakro Loft Ladder

This guide’s purpose is to help you choose the right wooden gazebo for your needs after all you want to know your money is well spent. So here are some of the things we think should help with that purchase:

What is the best Loft Ladder?

This question really comes down to what your specific needs are, in other words – what will you be using the loft for? The answer to this question will determine the best time of loft ladder you will need, so give it some serious thought. With the help of this short guide we hope to help you have no problem in choosing the right loft ladder to match your requirements.


So, the following are the things we think you should think about before you head off to buy that new loft ladder:

Will the loft be used frequently or occasionally?

If you will using your loft ladder on a regular basis then it’s important to go for one that is easy to use. It should have counter-balance springs as this will mean less physical effort when using and lighten the load considerably. The best for frequent use is the concertina ladder as metal and wooden folding ladders need more effort to fold or unfold. Better still, if your budget will allow the electrically operated ladder is the ultimate in convenience. The wear-and-tear of frequent use is also a consideration, so go for a ladder made of metal (aluminium or steel) or a high quality timber.

What is the loft being used for?

The loft space offers that invaluable thing – extra storage area. If your intention is to store things such as little used items such Christmas decoration or old toys, then a light-duty ladder will be more than enough. A good quality wooden or aluminium loft ladder with a tread load rating of 150kg would be more than suitable.


If your intention is to store much more bulky items or to use the space for such things as heating or ventilation equipment that would need regular access or maintenance, it would be much more prudent to go for a heavy duty ladder that has a tread load rating of 180 kg or 200kg.

Where is the loft ladder going to be located?

Location of the loft space you wish to access is an important factor when deciding on the best ladder to serve your needs. Also, the space available for the ladder and what the required thermal insulation requirements are will impact your decision too.


For example, if you are going to access a garage roof space there will be less of a need to consider available space or insulation. Where as, if you are accessing the loft via a bedroom then it is important to look at ceiling and floor space restrictions as well as thermal insulation. A loft ladder with high thermal insulation and an airtight seal is vital to prevent a cold draught.

Who will be using the loft ladder?

A ladder with a high quality counter-balance spring mechanism makes using a loft ladder much easier. They will make opening the hatch, extending and closing the ladder very easy while improving safety too.


Also, consider ladders that come with a handrail and treads that are both wide and deep as these features enhance the safety element and will pass the test of time.


As a point of safety always remember – never leave children unattended when using a loft ladder.

Will it fit in your property?

Understanding the space available is an important factor to consider as this will determine the type of ladder that best suits your needs. What, if any restrictions/obstacles are there to consider?


A larger opening length will be required for wooden loft ladders because of how they fit in the hatch door. In most cases wooden loft ladders have a minimum opening length of 1.2m and will need quite a large area to extend into.


Concertina loft ladders are a much better option when space is limited. Their compact design allows them to be fitted to smaller ceiling openings.

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