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Best Corner Summer House

Premier 9 X 9 Corner Summer House

The Premier 9 X Corner Summer House is roomy and airy, its large fixed windows lets the light pour in. The 2.5mm glazing is virtually shatterproof, and safer than standard glass – perfect for windows of this size and adds more security too. The only downside to fixed windows is ventilation on hot summer days, however leaving the doors open will provide this for you. Assembling this summer house is reasonably easy as it comes in panels that are pre-formed and windows pre-installed, the door is very easily hanged. 

This summer house is from the budget range of summer houses and as with others in this range are finished in 12mm shiplap and 28mm x 28mm frame. However, once fully constructed is very strong and sturdy. It has a tongue and groove floor and roof which adds to making it strong and stable. The timber has been dip treated just prior to delivery therefore it is vital to treat again once fully assembled and to continue to do this on a regular basis. This will ensure your summer house will be kept in good condition and provide you with many years of use. A little sanding and filling of the 12mm shiplap will be required due to cracking and knotholes which is a common requirement of budget summer houses and something the more heavier graded timber summer houses do not require. 

If you are on a budget, then Premier 9 X Corner Summer House will certainly give you value for money and many years of use. 

A buyers guide to Summer Houses

A summer house can be a way of getting a lot more out of your garden. It can provide you with a place to use as an office; a gym, hobby or playroom or a place to sit and take in your garden and relax. You will not have any problem finding a summer house to suit your home and garden as there are a wide range on offer in various designs and sizes. 

Having a summer house can be a great way to get more out of the garden. They can be an ideal addition that provides some extra space for such things as; a play room, office or gym, and of course a great place to just relax and chill out in. The summer house market has a wide range of designs; shapes, sizes and prices. There is a summer house to suit everyone. There is a summer house on the market coming in a wide range designs, shapes and sizes. 

In order to make sure you get the right summer house to suit we think there are a few points to consider first. Here is a brief list of things we think you should consider first before making your purchase.

Design and Size

One of the first things to think about is what shape as there are a variety of options out there on the market. Afterall, it is not just about what you like but also whether it will suit the area you intend to place it. 

The rectangle summer house is a practical space which can be used not only as a place to relax but perfect for use as an office or gym. Its shape allows the walls and corners to be used effectively ensuring there is ultimate space available to move around in.

The corner shaped summer house is perfect for the smaller garden or where you want to utilize a corner space. Tucked in the corner it can make a small garden appear larger.

There are other summer houses that come in more interesting shapes such as octagonals. These shaped summer houses are great for larger gardens where they can be used as a feature or focal point. 

Also to be considered when looking at design are the extras such as windows and doors. For instance, a summer house with double doors will give you an airy and light space, while floor to ceiling windows can also offer more light and enhance the look of the summer house. 

The design of a summer can offer a feeling of size, which is particularly important for the smaller garden. This is especially true of a corner summer house when it is tucked away in a corner of the garden. The rectangle shaped summer house will give the impression of a larger interior due to the fact furniture can be place around the walls allowing space to move around. 

One of the fundamental things you will need to consider is what space you have available for your summer house. After all there is no point in buying a big octagonal when you have a small garden. It is important therefore to measure the space you wish to put your summer house correctly, it’ll ensure you get the right size and shape. 


By far the best windows for garden summer houses are those made from styrene as they are difficult to break and are both light and strong. The larger the windows the more light and airy the summer house will be, making it an inviting and enjoy space to spend time in whether for pleasure or work. 

Materials and Weatherproofing 

The materials used in the construction of a summer house will determine the quality of the structure and how well it is weatherproofed. As a structure that will be out in all the elements, having a summer house made from quality timber is important. Treatment and protective coating to prevent rot is also vital to ensure longevity. Also, the roof will need to have a good quality cover which will make for watertightness, again preventing dampness which leads to the rotting of timber. Mineral felt roof covering is the most popular material used on summer houses. 

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