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5 Best Attic Ladders

Top 5 Attic Ladder Review

Attic ladders, or often known as loft ladders are essential if you want to make use of the space in the roof of your home. Obviously, they need to be secure, solid and easy to use but many homes have limited space on landings so you’ll need it to be practical too.


We’ve spent days and weeks looking at the options available and we’ve finally whittled our picks to a top 5. All offer something different, all are great quality.

1. Telesteps 60324 Telescopic Loft Mini Loft Ladder

Space is usually one of the principle factors when choosing a ladder to access the attic. The Telesteps 60324 attic ladder is one of the best options on the market because of it’s compact design made possible by its telescopic retraction operation. Most standard ladders tend to fold and are stored in the attic, the beauty of this model’s telescopic design means it gets hidden away in the ceiling. So, not only is it saving on space it fits neatly away into the hatch opening too. You may think the compact design compromises on size, however you’ll find the opposite is true! The telescopic retraction technology allows it to extend up to 5 meters, so no problem for even the highest of ceilings at all.


The Telesteps 60324 Autostep feature means the ladder collapses and closes automatically. The steps lock away too leaving clear visible markers on all the treads. Wide treads offer both comfort and safety and the design meets European safety standard EN132-SP giving extra peace of mind. With this unique aluminium alloy ladder you know you are getting a very sturdy, durable and safe ladder indeed.


The only thing that lets this ladder down is the unpleasant noise it creates when it is being opened and closed. Other than this it ticks all the boxes, so if your budget allows spending a few extra pounds and your’re looking to save on time and space then the Telesteps 60324 is the best option out there.  

2. BPS Access Solutions Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder

Although many manufacturers of loft ladders today opt for ladders made of metals or aluminium, timber is still a good option to consider. It may not be as compact as aluminium but it does offer a renewable, sustainable and easy to use ladder. This is not the only reason to chose a timber ladder as the Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder by BPS Access Solutions demonstrates.


This ladder is constructed with mortise and tenon jointed treads which gives the whole ladder a significant amount of added strength. It also has a pair of crimson painted matching handrails which provide that all important extra safety, while looking good too.It comes fully assembled with an easy wipe clean hatch and frame with rubber seals which helps to prevent heat loss. You’ll find it easy enough to use as it comes with a spring loaded hatch door.


The BPS Access Solutions Deluxe Wooden Loft Ladder is not particularly favoured by DIYer’s, but it is an excellent product offering durability and safety, definitely one of the best folding loft ladders on the market.

3. Youngman 313340 Easi-way Aluminium 3-Section Loft Ladder

The Youngman 313340 may not be the most attractive ladder but what it lacks in looks it more than makes up for in affordability, strength and durability. A compact ladder made of aluminium suitable for places where there are space restrictions, something the wooden ladder would find hard to match. It has floor to loft height extension of 2.3 to 3 meters and will fit into ceiling openings of about 510mm long by 430 wide. Plastic feet are fitted so no need to worry about the floor getting scratched either.


The Youngmans 31330 can be fitted single handedly so perfect for a DIY project. It’s shoot bolt method isn’t quite as unique as advertised, but does make it a safe and easy ladder to use. The pivot arm ensures a smooth gliding operation making opening and closing easy. The handrail is not too robust and can get deformed quite easily so remember to go easy on it. All in all though, this ladder has much to offer in terms of practicality and strength and you shouldn’t have any problems installing or operating it either.

4. BPS Access Solutions Unique 2.74m (9′) Concertina Loft Ladder

The BPS Access Solutions Unique 2.74m (9′) Concertina Loft Ladder certainly lives up to it’s name. A unique concertina design that will fit any loft solving any issues with restricted or limited floor space. Also answers the problem of to limited space inside of the loft by folding neatly into a cube position that doesn’t need any clearance in the hatch opening. The makers claim they haven’t found a hatch this ladder won’t fit yet, a bold statement and one that should be taken at face value.


The BPS Access Solutions Unique 2.74m (9”) Concertina Loft Ladder has the appearance of being fragile, it is in fact quite strong able to take loads of up to 150 kg (23.5 stones). Extra deep wide treads (80mm x 340mm) with excellent grip mean climbing this ladder is safe. The clever double sprung mechanism makes this a really easy ladder to use as it supports its weight when being operated. It’s adjustable base is a great feature, perfect for use in limited spaces.


An easy to install ladder that comes fully assembled complete and with a kit comprising of; hatch hinges, catch and operating pole attachment. So, if your home needs a more unique solution then the BPS Access Solutions Unique 2.4m (9”) Concertina Loft Ladder is certainly offer the answer. 

5. Abru Arrow 3-Section Aluminium Loft Ladder

The Abru 3-Section Loft Ladder has three extending sections which, when put together reaches heights up to 3 meters. Although not extending to a regular room’s height this ladder is perfect for the home that’s on the unusual side. It’s universal stowing pole which is compatible with most hatches makes it useful for the standard home user too. The spring assisted system gives the user total control when extending and retracting the ladder and the optional ladder will give added safety. Also included are non-slip D-shaped treads giving the user an extra layer of comfort.


As the Abru 3 Section Loft Ladder is made of aluminium alloy it means you are getting a ladder that is has added strength, durability and can resist knocks. Thanks to the stowing pole provided and and all the necessary components included in the package, this ladder is perfect for a DIY project. The product also comes with a 5-year warranty, giving you confidence that you can get a replacement should it fail within a couple years.

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