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Builders Tools Air Tools  Backing Pads & Polishing
Clamps Angle Grinders & Metalwork  Blades - Bandsaw / Alligator 
Detectors & Testers Batteries & Charges  Blades - Circular Saw 
Engineering Tools Drills - Cordless   Blades - Jigsaw 
Files Drills - SDS & Hammer  Blades - Sabre Saw 
Hammers Drills - Rotary  Cable Reels, Site Lights  
Hexagon Keys Other Powered Tools Discs - Grinding & Cutting 
Knives Sanders & Polishers  Multi Tool, Jointer, Planer 
Levels - Laser & Electronic Vacuums & Dust Extraction  Other Power Tools 
Levels - Spirit Workshop Machines  Router Bits & Accessories 
Marking Out Tools Nailers & Staple Guns  TREND Cutters & Accessories
Mechanics Tools Screwdrivers, Drivers, Wrenches  Sanding Sheets, Belts & Discs
Pliers, Snips & Croppers Saws - Powered Screwdriver Bits & Adaptors 
Plumbing Tools Spray Guns & Pumps  Impact Driver Bits & Sets 
Saws Planers, Biscuit Jointers, Routers   
Screwdrivers TREND Router Tools  
Sharpening Tools Pressure Washers & Pumps  DRILL BITS & HOLESAWS
Tapes & Rules DEWALT Power Tools - Great Deals Countersinks & Reamers 
Trowels & Floats   Drill Bits - Glass, Tile, Core, Diamond 
Vices GARDENING Drill Bits - Masonry & SDS 
Woodworking Tools Axes & Splitting Wedges  Drill Bits - Metal 
Wrenches Digging & Cultivating  Drill Bits - Wood 
  Garden Machinery  Holesaws 
  Garden Machinery Spares   
ELECTRICAL FITTINGS Weedkiller, Feed, Seed & Grow   
Electricians Tape Lawn & Hedge Care  HARDWARE & SECURITY
Halogen Tubes & Capsules  Pruning  Door Security & Furniture
Energy Saving Bulbs  Garden Watering  General Hardware 
Energy Saving LED Bulbs    Padlocks & Hasp and Staples 
Junction Boxes    Lockout / Tagout Products 
Night Lights  HOME Safes & Key Safes 
Terminal Connectors / Fuses  Batteries  Security Cameras, Lights & Entry 
Blanking Plugs  Brushes, Brooms, Mops  Security Chains & Bike Locks 
Timers  Car Maintenance & Valeting  Window Locks & Furniture 
Outdoor Fittings  Cleaning & Heating   
Partition & Back Boxes  Drawer Liners   
Travel Adaptors  Penknives & Leisure Tools CLOTHES, SAFETY, STORAGE
Light Switches  Pest Control  Clothing & Workwear 
Sockets  Pressure Washers Cleaners & Wipes 
Pendant & Lamp Holders  Scissors & Tweezers Personal Protection Equip. 
Fused Spurs & DP Switches  Torches Safety Footwear 
Shaver Unit   Signs & Smoke Detectors 
Adaptors UREA   Tool Boxes & Storage 
  DECORATING & WOODCARE Workbenches & Trestles
  Decorating Painting Tools  Trucks & Trolleys
SCREWS & FIXINGS Decorating Preparation   
Abrasives  Paints & Spray Paints  LADDERS 
Bolts & Nuts  Wallpapering Tools  Ladders
Chains, Ropes & Tie Downs  Wax, Varnish, Polish, Oil, Dyes  Scaffold Towers 
Fixings  Wire / Scratch Brushes  Stepladders & Platforms
Tackers & Staplers  Stains, Preservers & Treatments   
Nails  Tiling Tools & Adhesives  ADHESIVES & SEALANTS
Riveting & Soldering  Glasscutters & Glass Lifter  Adhesives & Tapes 
Screws    Building Consumables 
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