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Self Level Flexiplus 10kg Tub

Self Level Flexiplus 10kg Tub


Everbuild Self Level Flexiplus is a latex modified cement based powder, which, when mixed with water, can be used to level out uneven floors and screeds. Typical surfaces include concrete and screeding, existing ceramic tiles, asphalt, wood, brick, stone etc. This product is intended for use prior to laying ceramic tiles, thermoplastic tiles, lino, wood block flooring or carpet. Self Level Flexiplus already contains powdered latex, eliminating the need for separate expensive latex liquids. When mixed as directed, the compound provides a free flowing mix that sets in 90 minutes and can be overlaid after only 8 hours at normal temperatures... NOTE: This product is not suitable for use as a final wearing surface.

Enhanced flow properties coupled with long open time giving easy trowelling.
Fast setting - sets in 8 hours.
Up to 6mm in depth in one coat.
Protein (casein) free.
Internal/external use.

Areas for Use:
For levelling uneven subfloors prior to covering/tiling, without the need to use a separate latex additive.

The product will not resist rising damp. In these conditions, use in conjunction with BLACKJACK D.P.M liquid dampproof membrane as directed.

Note that setting time will be greatly increased when overlaying impervious surfaces and in cold weather.


Appearance: Fine grey powder.
SG at 20°C: 1.6gcm³ (dry) 2.3 gcm³ (wet or cured).
Application Temp: 4°C to 35°C.
Service Temp: -30 to 70°C.
Open Time: 30 mins @20°C.
Thickness: 0.5mm- 6mm.
Setting Time: 8 hours @20°C.
Coverage: 20kg covers approximately 5m² at 3mm (standard) depending on porosity of substrate.

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