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Safe 80 Contact Adhesive 5 Litre

Safe 80 Contact Adhesive 5 Litre


Evo-Stick Safe 80 is a non-flammable polychloroprene rubber latex based adhesive which changes from white to translucent when dry. It is economical in use and gives excellent bond strength and good heat resistance.

Evo-Stick Safe 80 can be used for bonding most types of materials such as textiles, rubbers and plastic laminates to wood, plywood, chipboard etc. It may also be used for bonding smooth porous surfaces of concrete or plaster as well as canvas and expanded polystyrene.

Non-porous materials such as metals and painted surfaces may be bonded provided that the adhesive films are allowed to dry completely before the bond is made.

All substrates to be bonded should be perfectly clean, dry and free from dust and grease while smooth or polished surfaces should first be roughened with fine abrasive.

Rubber and similar material must be abraded well and then the bonding area vigorously wiped with a cloth damped with Evo-Stick Adhesives Cleaner (a solvent based cleaner). Without such treatment a poor bond will result.

Solvent-free non-flammable contact adhesive.
For general use.

Size. 5 litre.

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