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Protectant Gloss 300ml

Protectant Gloss 300ml


ArmorAll® Protectant Gloss is the flagship product of the entire range of Armor All car care products. Protectant is a patent pending formula designed to slow the natural deterioration of surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, plastic, treated leather and sealed wood.

It is safe and easy to use and treats surfaces such as dashboards, tyre sidewalls, vinyl and leather upholstery, rubber bumpers, plastic and wood trim and rubber seals, inside and out.

Protectant is a triple action product that: cleans by removing the grime that can erode the surface of vehicles, protects surfaces by guarding against the harmful effects of ozone, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation and beautifies by restoring the original shine and colour of the surface.

Armor All® Protectant does not contain any harmful alcohol, kerosene or petroleum distillates. It is entirely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Size: 300ml.

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