VDE High Leverage Combination Pliers 225mm

VDE High Leverage Combination Pliers 225mm


The Knipex 02 06 Series High Leverage Combination Pliers are fitted with multi-component grips, VDE tested up to 10,000V and safe for work up to 1,000V. They conform to DIN EN / IEC 60900. They require 35% less effort than with conventional combination pliers. Easier cutting, powerful gripping, bending and pulling due to optimised leverage.

Made from high-grade special tool steel, forged, multi stage oil-hardened. Chrome plated finish. Long cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for flat and round material, suitable for versatile use. With cutting edges (hardness approx. 63 HRC) for soft and hard wire and piano wire.


Cutting Capacity:
02 06 180: Piano 2mm, Hard 2.5mm, Multi-Strand 11.5mm
02 06 200: Piano 2.2mm, Hard 2.8mm, Multi-Strand 13.0mm
02 06 225: Piano 2.5mm, Hard 3.0mm, Multi-Strand 14.0mm