No Entry – PVC 200 x 50mm

General wire spring CE Power Vee drain cleaner with 2 Cables.

For kitchen, bathroom, laundry drains and pipes from 1.1/4in. up to 3in. Particularly useful in awkward places when the cable is difficult to feed. Slide action chuck built into the grip shield which slides back to grip, allowing the cable to work through a stoppage and forward to disengage. Automatic adjustment for different size cables. Double insulated motor with reverse and variable speed trigger switch. Feeds cables forwards or back, by means of a feed lever.

Drives 3/8in. cables at 16ft. per minute.

Adjust for different size cables by adjustment of the cable knob until it touches the cable and backing off half a turn.

Drum Cable maximum capacity – 35ft. x 3/8in. or 50ft. x 5/16in.

Cable(s) included are 25ft. x1/4in. 3193Y(25HE1) with Basin Plug Head and 25ft. x 3/8in. 3200A(25HE2) with female connector.

Complete with HECS cutter set which includes;

3153E(AH) Arrow Head.
3154H(FAH) Flexible Arrow Head.
3159W(11/4SCB) 1.1/4in. Side Cutter Blade.
3155K(BG) Boring Gimlet.
3156N(DHBG) Down Head Boring Gimlet.

Weight: 8 kg.