VDE Long Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers 200mm

The Forgefix Torx Drive Countersunk Screws have a deep Torx head for reduced cam-out. The recessed underhead ribs allow superb self-countersinking, and a super sharp tip gives immediate bite from the very first turn. A unique single threaded, spiral shank enables a fast and easy drive into most substrates.

The countersunk screws are zinc yellow passivated for increased corrosion resistance. They have a hardened case and core for exceptional strength, and are CE approved for load bearing timber construction. A 35° bending angle prevents the screw shearing when the timber flexes with use.

Suitable for use in many materials such as timber, chipboard, MDF, PVCu, plastic and fibreglass.

The Zinc Yellow Passivation process of electroplating is similar to the ‘Galvanised’ and ‘Zinc Plated’ processes but with the addition of a yellow dye. It provides a coating that is aesthetically pleasing, and which offers excellent resistance to corrosion.

Supplied with a complimentary Torx bit.