VDE High Leverage Combination Pliers 200mm

These Forgefix Tec Fix Roofing Screws are self drilling, winged and have countersunk heads.

Suitable for use when fixing timber to heavy section steel, thickness from 6.0mm to 12.5mm.

Self-drilling screws have a drill-shaped point to cut through the substrate to eliminate the need for drilling a pilot hole. They are designed for use in soft steel or other metals.

The Phillips screw has four simple tapered slots. It is designed so that a Phillips tip screwdriver can turn a Phillips screw with increasing torque. When the torque gets to be too strong for the tip then the screwdriver tip winds itself out of the screw thus preventing over-tightening and or damage to the screw head. The countersunk heads are designed to sink flush with substrates to leave a smooth surface finish.