Professional Holesaw Set 3834-95 Sizes: 16-64mm

The Bahco 59/S31-331 piece bit set comprises the following;

5 x 1/4 inch Pozidriv bits: PZ1 (x2), PZ2 (x2) and PZ3.
5 x 1/4 inch Phillips bits: PH1 (x2), PH2 (x2) and PH3.
20 x 1/4 inch Tamperproof Torx bits: TT10 (x2), TT15 (x3), TT20 (x5), TT25 (x4), TT27, TT30 (x4) and TT40.
1 x 1/4 inch Magnetic bit holder.

The quick release magnetic bit holder ensures that the bit remains securely in the holder until the release is driven. It features a groove part in both sides of the black coated body for a better grip and a lock-in type system with forward function.