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Precision Circlip Pliers Set in Roll 4 Piece

Precision Circlip Pliers Set in Roll 4 Piece


Knipex concentrate their knowledge and expertise on pliers, wrenches and cutters. This is the only way to justify there claim they are the best supplier in terms of quality, innovation and efficiency. Knipex products satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance, ergonomics and service life.

There products are designed to meet the requirements of professional users, who must be able to rely on their tools in day-to-day work. With over a thousand separate styles and sizes. Knipex offer a complete range of pliers for almost every application in trade and industry.

The breadth and depth of their range ensures that the best tool can always be found for every application. Particular attention is paid to ergonomic criteria in the production of their pliers and cutters, above all in the form of effort-reducing constructions and a handle design which is ideally suited to the moving hand and ensures minimum fatigue and safe work.

The Knipex KPX001957 tool roll is equipped with 4 common circlip pliers for internal and external circlips suitable for the highest requirements in all trade and DIY applications.

The set contains:

1 x 48 11 J1 Internal: Bore: 12-25mm, Length: 140mm.

1 x 48 11 J2 Internal: Bore: 19-60mm, Length: 180mm.

1 x 49 11 A1 External: Bore: 10-25mm, Length: 140mm.

1 x 49 11 A2 External: Bore: 19-60mm, Length: 180mm.

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