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Tools Every Man Should Own

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Tools Every Man Should Own

There was a time when people thought that all men should be handy. The general idea was that a man was supposed to be able to handle small repairs around the house. The truth is that not all men are handy, and they don’t have to be. That been said, it’s always helpful to be able to fix a few problems when they come up. Blown light bulbs and loose screws come to mind in this regard.

But then, a handyman is only as good as his tools. That’s why there are certain tools that every man should own, even if they only get to use it once in a few months. Owning your tools will always be better than trying to borrow from a neighboUr. Here are five tools that should be in every man’s toolbox.


A multimeter

The multimeter is also known as the voltage tester. As its name implies, you can use it to test the presence of voltage in a circuit. You can also use it to test the strength of the voltage. Multimeters are small, very easy to use, and quite durable. Like with other gadgets, if you’re going to buy a multimeter at all, you might as well buy the best multimeter you can find.


A set of plies

Plies are multipurpose tools that are good for everything, from electrical work to simple chores around the house. There are several kinds of pliers, and they range from straight handle tonged ones to needle-nosed ones. While shopping for pliers, bear in mind that the quality you get is directly related to the amount you pay for them. Barring any major store sales, if you pay small bucks for a set of pliers, don’t expect them to last very long.


A utility knife

This is another very useful tool. It belongs in your toolbox for a variety of reasons. Its uses range from opening boxes to cutting off tags, and even stripping wire. Another great benefit of the utility knife is that it’s incredibly lightweight. For all its benefits, the utility knife is quite affordable. If you’re going to buy one, you should get something durable and sturdy. That way, you can enjoy it for a long time.


A toolbox

It would be pretty silly of you to get all these tools and not buy a toolbox to keep them. You should get a toolbox with designated compartments for each item. That won’t only help you keep your tools organized, but you can also easily tell if something is missing. Some toolboxes even come with tools like a wrench and screwdrivers. If your toolbox doesn’t come with these tools, you should get them separately. They are as essential as all the other items on this list.



Considering the fact that flashlights are a must-have in an emergency situation, you should get at least one. Even if you’re not planning to do any repairs by yourself, a flashlight can come very handy in a blackout. You can choose between a rechargeable flashlight and a battery-powered one. They both have their merits, and anything you get will serve you just fine.


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