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Monodex Nibbler Shears

Monodex Nibbler Shears


Monodex Nibbler Shears are easier to use in many applications than conventional tinsnips. The upward cutting action of the blade cuts through mild steel up to 20 gauge and most non-ferrous metals up to 18 gauge thickness. Cuts without distorting the sheet.

Cutting Capacities:

Stainless steel: 0.6mm (22Ga; 0.023in).
Galvanised steel, zinc, sheet metal: 1.2mm (16Ga; 0.047in).
Copper, brass: 1.5mm (15Ga; 0.059in).
PVC, vinyl flooring, aluminium: 2mm (12Ga; 0.078in).
Polycarbonate: 2.5mm (10Ga; 0.098in).

Perfect for cutting rails and studs. Replaceable stainless steel blade. No shear strain.

Nibbling width: 2.7 mm.

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