Ladder Accessories

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  1. Ladder Clamp (Pair)
    SKU: EDM1338

    Ladder Clamp (Pair)

    £23.99 Excl. VAT £28.79 Incl. VAT

    Clamping kit for safely securing ladders for transportation or storage.

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  2. Ladder Stopper 457mm (18in)
    £90.67 Excl. VAT £108.80 Incl. VAT

    The Zarges Ladder Stopper acts as a ladder stability device by preventing ladders either slipping or pivoting on one stile.

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  3. Stabiliser Adjustable Safety Legs
    £150.67 Excl. VAT £180.80 Incl. VAT

    The Zarges Adjustable Safety Legs are an important stability device for ladders and steps. The legs increase footprint during

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  4. Ladder Mat
    SKU: ZAR100101

    Ladder Mat

    £26.00 Excl. VAT £31.20 Incl. VAT

    The Ladder Mat is a safety accessory to prevent ladders slipping on uneven, soft, smooth or sloping ground. Four mats made

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  5. Ladder Stay
    SKU: ZAR40500

    Ladder Stay

    £26.66 Excl. VAT £31.99 Incl. VAT

    This Aluminium Stand-off provides extra working space by positioning the ladder away from wall, flat packed with full instruction

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  6. Foot Platform
    SKU: ZAR40900

    Foot Platform

    £66.67 Excl. VAT £80.00 Incl. VAT

    The Zarges Foot Platform allows comfortable, fatigue-free and safe standing and can be used on ladders with narrow treads

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  7. Roof Hooks with Wheels (1 pair)
    £52.67 Excl. VAT £63.20 Incl. VAT

    This pair of aluminium roof hooks, supplied by Zarges, with wheels have universal retro-fit hooks that make them quick and

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  8. Roof Rack Clamps C/W 2 Padlocks - 1 Pair
    £28.00 Excl. VAT £33.60 Incl. VAT

    The Zarges Roof Rack Clamps firmly secure ladders and steps to the roof rack of any car or van. They are quick and easy to

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8 Item(s)

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