How to Decorate Mechanical Workshop at Home

The services of a mechanical workshop include oil and lubricants change, alignment and balancing, general mechanics, regulated engines, braking system, suspension, air conditioning, gas exhaust, hydraulic steering, injection systems, etc.Formerly, it was considered that the mechanic should be a trusted professional of the client to solve all the problems related to his car. Today, the mechanical workshops are specialized and stand out in only some of those services.

Although you would very much like to have a workshop at home, many factors have influenced that you have never come to take the step of installing a workshop at home.Next, I will give you some important points and keys to launch one with all the guarantees. You will enjoy it so much that you will spend hours and hours in it almost without realizing it.

1. Interior design for the workshop

Mechanical workshops use for machinery, both in its repair and manufacturing processes, which directly affects the temperature of the premises. This generates high levels of energy consumption that are also increased by lighting and power tools that are used constantly. Mechanical workshops are especially necessary to maintain adequate air quality and maintain a healthy environment.A characteristic of a mechanical workshop is that it does not require the constant purchase of raw material.

The competition between mechanical workshops, especially in large cities, is huge. That is why many owners seek to differentiate themselves by specialization.To add value to the business you can be a representative of a brand, go find the car to the client's house, perform express repair services, personalization and tuning, specialize in luxury cars, invest in waiting areas for the client and other similar services.

2. The basic Power Tool for Workshop

If your workshop is specialized in the repair, maintenance and installation of the electrical components of the vehicle, it is natural that you have a specific equipment next to the wrenches and screwdrivers. The blog Saw Reviewe has made a detailed list of the tools, read tool review from the "best power tool review site".

  • Wire Strippers and Terminals: They are the most common hand tools for electricians. Designed to work with electric cables, they have special nozzles for stripping wires and cutting cables.

  • Electrician Scissors:Also, manuals. They have a cutting area like normal scissors, but the handle is lined with insulating materials to prevent discharges. They also have a recess in the lower part to strip cables of different section. There are automatic scissors to reduce the effort of the operator.

  • Welder: Among electrical tools, it is essential to have an electric welder. It is used to make solders for cables and other components with tin. The soldering iron is connected to the electric network to heat the tip and melt the tin.

  • Digital Polymeter: This instrument measures several electrical magnitudes with the same equipment.

  • Lamp in series: This tool allows to detect short circuits, open circuits, current leakage through the flash of a small bulb.

  • Battery Tester: It is used to check the vehicle's battery status, as well as to record the vehicle's voltage value before handing over a new vehicle.

  • Battery Charger: It offers slow and fast loading and, in many cases, it can also be used as a starter.

  • Regloscope: It is used to adjust the intensity of the headlights of the dipped beam. To carry out the measurement, the regloscope must be completely level and placed in front of the vehicle at a suitable distance and height and well centered with respect to the light to be adjusted.

  • Diagnostic Equipment: Used to perform the checks of the vehicle's electrical systems, among other tasks. 

3. Best Tool Organizer

Tired of having to look for your work tools when they need you the most? Would you like to have them always collected and ready to use? What you need is a tool organizer.If you are interested and want to know what types of tool organizers exist, we have made a selection with the best in the market in value for money. To choose well you must be very clear about the use you want to give your tool holder.

Wall tool organizer: Element System

Very resistant and lightweight, keep your tools always controlled and at hand when you need them.

Wall tool organizer: FIXKIT

Manufactured in quality material, the Fixkit has received very positive evaluations, due to its great capacity and resistance.Perfect both for workshops and for private use.

Wall tool organizer: Clarke

Super resistant steel rack, made of lightweight but very durable materials. Essential help for any mechanic or home improvement professional.

Tool organizer with drawers

Another advantage is its transparent drawers that allow us to locate what we are looking for from a quick glance.They are very useful both for workshop use and for home use. They are used to order small tools, parts, screws ... etc.

Tool Draper

It has a lot of space; you can store a lot of objects inside. You can stack several identical furniture or hang it on the wall easily.

Portable tool organizer: HMF case

Briefcase of great quality, super recommended by our customers, valid for almost any profession, with removable interiors if you need more space.

Whether it is a professional or private use recommend buying the largest model possible, because almost always more tools are acquired over time, and it is very convenient to have some extra space. Also, if you are a professional and use your tools on a daily basis, we advise you to choose the most reinforced organizer possible, since you will be able to use it effectively much longer.

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