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  1. Cat & Fox Deterrent
    SKU: RKLFC78

    Cat & Fox Deterrent

    £26.80 Excl. VAT £32.16 Incl. VAT

    This Rentokil Ultrasonic Repeller is for the control of garden animal pests including cats, dogs, foxes and rabbits. It operates

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  2. Cat Repeller Electronic 610
    £25.92 Excl. VAT £31.10 Incl. VAT

    Protect your garden habitat with the Big Cheese Cat repeller. It can take between 14-28 days to deliver full protection or

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  3. Cat Repeller Granules 450g
    £4.22 Excl. VAT £5.06 Incl. VAT

    Biodegradable cat repellent scatter granules coated with castor oil as an effective natural active ingredient. Treats an

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  4. Mega Sonic Cat & Dog Repeller
    £33.32 Excl. VAT £39.98 Incl. VAT

    Twin speaker unit maximizes dB output and coverage area to deter cats, dogs and foxes. Protect your garden habitat with

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  5. Mega Sonic Scatter-Cat Gun
    £16.20 Excl. VAT £19.44 Incl. VAT

    STV have produced the well known Defender brand of pest control systems and devices for a wide range of unwanted guests in

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  6. Scent Off Granules 225g
    £2.20 Excl. VAT £2.64 Incl. VAT

    Size: 225g.

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  7. Scent Off Granules 600g
    £3.96 Excl. VAT £4.75 Incl. VAT

    Vitax VTX5SO600 has the following specifications:Size: 600g. Coverage: Treats up to 60m².

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  8. Pepper Dust 225g
    SKU: VTXPD225G

    Pepper Dust 225g

    £3.08 Excl. VAT £3.70 Incl. VAT

    Ready-to-use Pepper Dust can be used to keep animals off seed beds, recent plantings, drives, dustbins, paths and patios

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  9. Stay Off 750ml Ready To Use Spray
    £4.09 Excl. VAT £4.91 Incl. VAT

    Vitax Stay Off is a ready-to-use animal repellent spray which can be used around edible and non-edible crops. It is effective

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9 Item(s)

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