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Heavy-Duty Car Wash 1 Litre

Heavy-Duty Car Wash 1 Litre


ArmorAll® Heavy-Duty Car Wash is a special combination of surfactants and exclusive shine ingredients and is simply mixed with cold water in a bucket. When applied to the car with a sponge or cloth, the surfactants act to dissolve most types of dirt. It is safe for all automotive finishes, including clear coats.

They also set up a temporary sheeting action allowing rinse water to run off the paint and glass surfaces more quickly to reduce water spotting. The exclusive shine ingredients deepen the paint colour and increase reflectivity. It can also be used undiluted to remove more stubborn dirt.

Regular Wash: Pour 30ml (3 caps) into a bucket and mix thoroughly with cold water.

Heavy-Duty Wash: Pour 60ml (6 caps) into a bucket and mix thoroughly with cold water.

Stubborn Spots and Stains: Apply undiluted product directly, or with a sponge, onto spots. Allow to penetrate for 3-5 minutes. Wash, rinse and dry car.

Size: 1 Litre.

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