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  1. OILSEAL Inc. Brush 300g
    £13.62 Excl. VAT £16.34 Incl. VAT

    Rocol OILSEAL is a thixotropic liquid which is hard setting to form pressure tight seals.Excellent high pressure and temperature

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  2. M23660 Gas Tap Lubricant 50g
    £11.53 Excl. VAT £13.84 Incl. VAT

    ROCOL M23660 Gas Tap Lubricant is for use on all industrial and domestic taper gas cocks, taps, valves etc. Temperatures

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    SKU: ROC30042


    £9.79 Excl. VAT £11.75 Incl. VAT

    STEAMSEAL is a FOLIAC graphite and manganese high pressure pipe sealant that provides a dark grey hard setting but is also

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  4. GASSEAL Non-Setting Sealant 300g
    £13.14 Excl. VAT £15.77 Incl. VAT

    Rocol GASSEAL is an off-white, non-setting sealant for use on metallic threaded joints including aluminium, copper, steel

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  5. LEAK DETECTOR Spray 300ml
    £11.69 Excl. VAT £14.03 Incl. VAT

    ROCOL LEAK DETECTOR Spray is a specially formulated aerosol for the rapid detection of positive pressure gas leaks. Tested

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  6. FUELSEAL Foliac Super Red PJC 375g
    £10.22 Excl. VAT £12.26 Incl. VAT

    Rocol FUELSEAL (formerly FOLIAC Super Red) is a flexible setting pipe jointing compound for high pressures, and sealing of

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  7. HYLOMAR Jointing Compound 100g Tube
    £11.01 Excl. VAT £13.21 Incl. VAT

    Rocol HYLOMAR JOINTING Compound is a non-setting jointing compound for flanged joints. It forms a permanent but flexible

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  8. METAL REPAIR Compound 56g
    £9.78 Excl. VAT £11.74 Incl. VAT

    ROCOL METAL REPAIR Compound is a permanent repair compound which can be used to repair castings, valve and pump components.

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8 Item(s)

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