Specialist Flooring Tools

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  1. AV2 Adjustable Flooring Spacer (Pack of 4)
    £7.53 Excl. VAT £9.04 Incl. VAT

    The Bessey AV2 Spacer is designed for laying parquet, laminated and panel flooring without any wedges. Spacer for floating

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  2. Laminate Cutter
    SKU: VIT800100

    Laminate Cutter

    £19.99 Excl. VAT £23.99 Incl. VAT

    The Vitrex 80 0100 Laminate Cutter is guaranteed to provide quick and easy cuts for all laminate flooring up to 200mm (8in)

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  3. Knocking Block
    SKU: ROU36050

    Knocking Block

    £8.77 Excl. VAT £10.52 Incl. VAT

    The Roughneck Knocking Block is made from strong nylon and is used for knocking laminate and timber flooring together to

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  4. Gap Spacers
    SKU: ROU36040

    Gap Spacers

    £3.01 Excl. VAT £3.61 Incl. VAT

    Roughneck gap spacers are essential accessories when fitting laminate or hardwood flooring. They are wedge shaped, so by

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4 Item(s)

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