Pointing & Grouting Guns

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  1. 210018 Pointing / Grouting Gun
    £16.78 Excl. VAT £20.14 Incl. VAT

    Concept Pointing / Grouting Gun 210018 is ideal for pointing and grouting jobs providing a quick clean solution. The tool

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  2. Brick Mortar Gun - Boxed Version
    £14.16 Excl. VAT £16.99 Incl. VAT

    Boxed Version

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  3. UltraPoint™ Gun

    UltraPoint™ Gun

    £23.88 Excl. VAT £28.66 Incl. VAT

    The Cox™ UltraPoint™ Gun is the original quick loading and powerful pointing gun. The patented catchplate, hardened

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  4. UltraPoint™ Gun Spares Kit
    £6.72 Excl. VAT £8.06 Incl. VAT

  5. Grey Grouting Nozzle
    SKU: SOL2N1042

    Grey Grouting Nozzle

    £0.70 Excl. VAT £0.84 Incl. VAT

    Spare grouting nozzle for the SOLPOINTING cement and mortar gun. Colour: grey.

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  6. Black Pointing Nozzle
    SKU: SOL2N1030

    Black Pointing Nozzle

    £0.70 Excl. VAT £0.84 Incl. VAT

    Spare pointing nozzle for the SOLPOINTING ;cement and mortar gun. Colour: black.

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  7. Spare Aluminium Tube
    SKU: ROU32107

    Spare Aluminium Tube

    £5.76 Excl. VAT £6.91 Incl. VAT

    Roughneck replacement aluminium tube for ROU32100. Comprises: 380mm Aluminium tube.Nozzle retaining ring.

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  8. Spare Nozzle & Plunger Kit
    £3.04 Excl. VAT £3.65 Incl. VAT

    Brick Mortar Gun Nozzle kit. Comprises:- 5 x Plungers.1 x Straight nozzle.1 x Angled nozzle1 x Grouting nozzle.

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  9. Brick Mortar Gun Spares Kit
    £4.07 Excl. VAT £4.88 Incl. VAT

    Brick mortar gun spares kit for ROU32100. The set includes 1 x Scoop.1 x Plunger.1 x Angle nozzle.1 x Straight nozzle.1 x

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  10. Brick Mortar Gun
    SKU: ROU32100

    Brick Mortar Gun

    £13.89 Excl. VAT £16.67 Incl. VAT

  11. Plunger For Pointing Gun (PK 2)
    £2.58 Excl. VAT £3.10 Incl. VAT

    Replacement plungers for Faithfull Pointing Gun (FAIPOINTING). Pack of 2.

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  12. Pointing Gun Nozzles (1 Point 1 Grout)
    £2.54 Excl. VAT £3.05 Incl. VAT

    These Faithfull spare nozzles are suitable for the Faithfull Pointing Gun (FAIPOINTING). Contains 1 nozzle for for pointing

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  13. Pointing Gun Kit (Mortar & Cement)
    £14.28 Excl. VAT £17.14 Incl. VAT

    This Faithfull FAIPOINTING gun is suitable for pointing brickwork and tile grouting. You simply fill the FAIPOINTING with

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  14. Ultimate Multifunction Mortar Gun
    £18.24 Excl. VAT £21.89 Incl. VAT

    The Roughneck ultimate mortar gun, is the best in terms of quality, specifications and number of applications. It has a heavy-duty

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  15. Spare White Plungers For Mortar Gun Pack of 5
    £2.19 Excl. VAT £2.63 Incl. VAT

  16. Spare Grouting Nozzles For Mortar Gun
    £2.43 Excl. VAT £2.92 Incl. VAT

    Spare Nozzles for the Roughneck Brick Mortar Gun. Pack of 5.

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16 Item(s)

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