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  1. Bent Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers PVC Grip 200mm (8in)
    £21.64 Excl. VAT £25.97 Incl. VAT

    Length: 200mm (8 in).Hard wire diameter: 2.2 mm.Medium wire diameter: 3.2 mm.

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  2. 83S.JP9AL Hex Key Wallet Set of 9 Metric
    £26.10 Excl. VAT £31.32 Incl. VAT

    Facom keys are made from silicon alloy for strength and wear resistance. They undergo precise, constant heat treatment that

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  3. 2427G ERGO™ Bent Snipe Nose Pliers 160mm (6.1/4in)
    £22.43 Excl. VAT £26.92 Incl. VAT

    Bahco Bent Snipe Nose Plier with ERGO™ handles for comfort. The tips angled at 60°, and slim, semi-circular shaped

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  4. IntelliMeasure® Distance Estimator 12m
    £28.22 Excl. VAT £33.86 Incl. VAT

    The Stanley Intelli Tools IntelliMeasure® Distance Estimator can measure length, area and volume. It has a large, easy-to-read

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  5. SWB11 Auto Adjustable Wrench 280mm (11in)
    £23.68 Excl. VAT £28.42 Incl. VAT

    Size: 280mm (11in).Capacity: 64mm.

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  6. FatMax® T Handle Ratchet Power Key Set of 27
    £22.96 Excl. VAT £27.55 Incl. VAT

    Stanley STA079153 FatMax® T Handle powerful professional ratchet handle for rapid tightening and loosening of all fastener

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  7. Bent Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers Multi-Component Grip 200mm (8in)
    £24.03 Excl. VAT £28.84 Incl. VAT

    The Knipex 26 22 200 bent long nose side cutters have Bi-material, 2-component handles for a more comfortable and positive

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  8. SWB9 Auto Adjustable Wrench 230mm (9in)
    £20.19 Excl. VAT £24.23 Incl. VAT

    Size: 230mm (9in).Capacity: 50mm.

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  9. Quick Vice
    SKU: STA083179

    Quick Vice

    £21.47 Excl. VAT £25.76 Incl. VAT

    The Stanley Quick Vice has a sliding jaw and a one handed lever arm, allowing quick and easy opening, closing and repositioning.

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  10. Electronics Round Jaw Pliers Multi-Component Grip 115mm
    £26.91 Excl. VAT £32.29 Incl. VAT

    Pointed round jaws for bending wire eyes.

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  11. THP3000 High Power Gas Torch with Gas
    £22.98 Excl. VAT £27.58 Incl. VAT

    This Campingaz THP3000 high power gas torch has ergonomic, multi-position handling for comfortable use and a high quality

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  12. Grooved Roller for EL25/EL32
    £23.29 Excl. VAT £27.95 Incl. VAT

    IRWIN Hilmor Grooved Roller for use with EL25/32.

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  13. Precision Circlip Pliers External 90° Bent Tip 19-60mm A21
    £20.13 Excl. VAT £24.16 Incl. VAT

    Length 165mm (6 1/2 in).Shaft size: 19 - 60 mm.

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  14. A3000 Hyperformance Blowlamp with Gas
    £27.06 Excl. VAT £32.47 Incl. VAT

    The Campingaz A3000 Hyperformance Blowlamp has an ergonomic handle for extra comfort and a control knob for improved flow

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  15. High-Tensile Centre Cut Bolt Cutter 355mm (14in)
    £25.39 Excl. VAT £30.47 Incl. VAT

    These Faithfull Centre Cut High-Tensile Bolt Cutters have the following specification: Length: 355mm (14in).Capacity: Mild

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  16. Hexagon Socket 3/4in Drive 41mm
    £21.79 Excl. VAT £26.15 Incl. VAT

    Stahlwille Hexagon Socket 3/4 in Drive. Size: 41mm.Length: 67mm.

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  17. Flexible Extension Bar 3/8in Drive
    £20.37 Excl. VAT £24.44 Incl. VAT

    Stahlwille Flexible extension bar with 3/8in drive. For right hand rotation only. Max torque: 7Nm.Length: 194mm. MADE IN

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  18. Bolt Cutter Centre Cut 900mm (36in)
    £29.01 Excl. VAT £34.81 Incl. VAT

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