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ESD Electronic Super Knips® Flat 125mm

ESD Electronic Super Knips® Flat 125mm


These Knipex 7803ESD electronic super knips to discharge the electrostatic energy correspondingly slowly and under control to protect components at risk from thermostatic discharge.

These precision pliers are ideal for ultra fine cutting work, eg: in electronics and fine mechanics. The small compact jaws can access confined spaces, while the precision ground cutting edges without bevel are ideal for flush cutting.

These precision pliers have specially shaped tips that have a good clean cutting action from: 0.2 mm - 1.6 mm on soft wire and 1.0 mm on hard wire. They are jointed with a stainless steel rivet for added strength and will give a good smooth cutting action for a professional finish to yor workpiece.

The Knipex 7803ESD knips are an all metal construction and have soft gripping handles, with two colour dual component sleeves.

Length: 125 mm.

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