What is a boiler pump multitool used for?

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 Image showing the various different applications of a boiler pump multitool 

A boiler pump multitool is used for tightening and loosening the different sized screws in a boiler pump.

 Image of a detective looking for problems with his circulator pump 

You'll find yourself using a multitool if you're looking to find out what has caused your boiler pump to malfunction or stop working.

 Image of a DIYer bleeding a boiler pump by turning the bleed screw cover plate 

You'll also need to use a multitool to perform repairs or conduct routine maintenance tasks on your boiler pump, such as bleeding air out of the system.


For more information, see: How to bleed or vent a boiler pump


Removing boiler pump head retaining screws

 Image showing a DIYer unscrewing the retainer bolts on their circulator pump 

The 4mm (5/32"), 5mm (13/64") and 6mm (15/64") allen key bits of the multitool will mainly be used for removing the retaining bolts in the boiler pump head.

 Image to show the position of the retaining bolts on a circulator pump casing 

The retaining bolts are the grub screws that keep the boiler pump head attached to the main part of the pump. They also hold the impellor in place. 

 Image depicting an circulator pump impellor 

The impellor is the part of the pump that spins and makes hot water circulate around your central heating system.

 Image of a brand of pump that has two retaining bolts rather than four 

There may be four or two retaining bolts, depending on the make of your pump.

 Image showing how grub screws look different to normal screws 

A grub screw is a type of screw with no 'head' - rather than having a dome shaped top, they are flat and tend to have a hexagonal shape indented into them so that they can be turned by an allen key.

 Image showing a boiler pump that has had its retaining bolts removed and its head separated 

Removing the retaining screws will allow you access to the inside of your boiler pump.

 Image to support the fact that you only need one measurement of allen key to unscrew all of the retaining bolts on your boiler pump 

When removing these screws, you will only need to use one size of bit. The screws do not come in any other sizes other than 4mm (5/32"), 5mm (13/64") or 6mm (15/64"), so trial and error will very quickly let you know which is the right bit for the job!


Loosening bleed screw cover plates

 Image showing the location of a bleed screw cover plate on a boiler pump 

Bleed screw cover plates can be found in the centre of the hot water pump and can be opened to allow trapped air to escape from the pump mechanism.

 Image showing the flat screwdriver bit mounted in the head of a boiler pump multitool 

Using the wide, flat bit at the top of the multitool, you will be able to loosen this cover plate and tighten it back up again.


Driving the rotor shaft

 Image showing a DIYer using a screwdriver to turn an impellor shaft in a boiler pump 

You can also use the multitool to check if your impellor is stuck, jammed or catching on the pump housing by turning the rotor crank using the 4mm (5/32") flat head screwdriver bit.


For more information, see: How to diagnose an impellor problem

   Wonkee Donkee advises the DIYer that the multitool could be used for any job that requires a 4, 5, or 6mm allen key or a 4mm flat screwdriver  
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