Best mechanic's tools 


1. Adjustable spanners

 adjustable spanner 

An adjustable spanner is going to get a lot of use whether you are a professional or just an enthusiastic home mechanic, so invest in a good quality set. They are extremely versatile and their adjustable jaws allow you to set them to a range of sizes. Once set, the jaws will stay in that position leaving you free to work with both hands.


2. Spanner set

 spanner set 

A decent spanner setwill be an excellent purchase for any worker. They are the iconic tool for all kinds of mechanical work. The open end of a combination spanner is ideal for loosening those jammed bolts. The closed end is especially adept for work in tight spaces because it provides more grip and prevents stripping of the nut or bolt.


3. Socket set

 socket set 

The socket sethas various uses especially in many automotive jobs. The ratchet system promotes ease of use in awkward spaces; ideal when you're under the chassis of a car. Make sure that you have both metric and imperial sizes as constantly having to convert is a pain. These tools have excellent amounts of torque.


4. Screwdriver set

 screwdriver set 

Hardly anybody gets through life without needing the odd screwdriver from time to time, but as a mechanic you should invest in a good quality screwdriver setwith a variety of lengths and heads. Most machinery will use Phillips head screws but anything older is more likely to have flat head screws. Keep a range of each driver with varying lengths for those hard-to-reach places. 


5. Punch set

 punch set 

Punches come in many varieties and are typically used to drive objects like nails and pins into or out of a particular piece of machinery.


6. Ball pein hammer

 ball pein hammer 

The ball pein hammer is a piece of standard kit that really needs no explanation. The flat face drives and the ball end shapes. Used in combination with your punches for many automotive tasks. 


7. Screw and bolt extractors

 screw and bolt extractors 

Screw and bolt extractors are solid metal tools used for extracting broken, damaged, embedded screws, bolts or studs. They are often used in automotive engine repair and maintenance.


8. File set

 file set  

Hand files are used to cut fine amounts of metal from a workpiece and can be incredibly accurate, especially when removing burrs or trimming a part down to size.


9. Hydraulic jack/trolley

 hydraulic jack 

The hydraulic jackis used to lift heavy objects (usually cars) off the ground so that the underside can be accessed. Although the jack is used to lift it should not be used to support. Use your axle stands to hold the car up once you've lifted it off the ground.


10. Creeper


A creeper is a simple body board on wheels that allows you to scoot around on your back, making it a lot easier to get in and out from under your next project.


11. Torque wrench

 torque wrench set 

It is easy to forget about the torque wrench if you are mainly involved in DIY projects but it is still one of the most important mechanical tools you can own. Every nut and bolt was designed to be tightened to a specific level of torque and maintaining that level is definitely advised. Investing in a good quality one will provide you with years of service.


12. Breaker bar

 breaker bar 

A breaker bar is a simple tool which can be attached to a range of hand tools such as torque wrenches and spanners. It will increase the amount of leverage and torque you can apply, making those tough jobs a lot easier. 


13. Side cutters

 side cutting pliers 

These handy little side cuttersare great for cutting and trimming wire. Their cutting edge runs from the base of the jaws to the tip so that you can snip those wires even in the smallest of spaces.


14. Circlip pliers (Snap ring - internal and external)

 snap ring pliers 

Circlip pliersare used for inserting and removing circlips. Circlips are typically used to hold a shaft in place and are commonly used for keeping gudgin pins in pistons but they can also be used in universal joints for holding the pins in place.


15. Electrical tape

 electrical tape 

Electrical tapeis a must for any worker and especially essential if you are a mechanic. It is versatile, easy to use and provides you with the quick insulation of wires when you need it most. It can also be used to hang up the calander in the workshop or garage.


16. Magnetic tray

 Magnetic Tray 

A  magnetic tray is a handy little tool that will help you to keep track of all your nuts, bolts, screws, and washers. 


17. "G" clamp

 g clamp 

G Clampsis an invaluable tool in any workshop or garage. Provides a pair of extra strong hands that can grip anything that will fit between them allowing you to work with both of your own.


18. Hacksaw

 hack saw 

This versatile tool will cut through plastic, wood, metal and moon rock if you give it half a chance. A hacksawis especially adept at removing the heads off rusted bolts that refuse to budge.


19. Allen keys

 allen keys 

Most DIYers can't make it through a day without needing to reach for a set of these. Allen keysare used in many automative, mechanical, and domestic tasks. 


20. SDS drill

 sds drill 

An SDS drillis your key power tool when it comes to drilling jobs. Robust, durable and if powered from the mains, there's no chance of the battery running out on you. You will only need a simple drill for most jobs but one with a built in hammer action and roto stop will help to separate those stubborn parts.


21. Long nosed pliers

 needle nose pliers 

Long nose pliersare some of the most useful and functional pliers you'll ever own. They are adept at reaching into those tight crevices and nooks you just can't access with a standard pair of pliers. They can cut, twist, strip, snip and grab. If you don't have a pair of these yet, get some.


22. Combination pliers

 insulated pliers 

Combination pliersare useful for many tasks. Use them for gripping, twisting, cutting, and crimping.


23. Extension cable

 extension cable 

An extension cableprovides extra reach when you need it the most. Purchasing one with at least four sockets is well advised because it will allow you to plug in all your new power tools.


26. Telescopic magnet

 telescopic magnet 

Have you dropped your teaspoon down the back of the oven again? Do not despair! You can pick up all manner of metallic objects with this handy gadget without having to leave the comfort of your armchair. Can also be used for serious professional work.


27. Cordless combi drill

 cordless combi drill 

A cordless combi drill combines all the features of a standard driver whilst having the added benefit of being able to drill as well. Add that to the fact that it is cordless and you have a seriously handy use-anywhere power tool. Don't have one yet? Get one.


28. Light source/lamp/headlight

 head torch 

Working under the bonnet of a car may be difficult at the best of times. Shed some light on the problem with this handy head torch


29. Soldering iron

 soldering iron 

A soldering iron is used to melt solder between two pieces of metal to create a bond. Often used in automotive mechanics, electronic and circuitry. 


30. Mig welder

 mig welder 

Mig welders use electricity to create a high temperature welding arc. These tools are quicker than other types of welding equipment and are typically used on aluminium and steel workpieces.


31. Plier set

 plier set 

Having a wide range of pliers is invaluable to any mechanic. Make sure you have at least a couple of each. (Slip-joint pliers; needle nosed; side-cutters; linesman's pliers; pump pliers, and round-nosed). Invest in a good quality set and they will provide you with years of service.


32. Grease gun

 grease gun 

A standard piece of garage equipment. The grease gun is used to apply lubricant to a specific area with control and accuracy. 


33. Mole grips

 mole grips 

Another invaluable tool of which every mechanic should have at least a few pairs. Mole grips are excellent for use on rounded bolts and their locking mechanism means they can be set in place to hold two pieces of material together. Ideal, when you are welding.


34. Axle stands

 axle stands 

Axle stands are designed to support several tonnes of weight and used in conjunction with your hydraulic jack. Invest in a good quality pair or set. It may be tempting to save money and buy cheap ones but when you have three tonnes of automobile balanced above your head you want a product you can trust. These tools really only have one use but they are built specifically for that use, so use them. 


35. Oil can

 oil can 

An oil can is a simple tool with various applications. Keep your tools, projects and workpieces sufficiently lubricated. 


36. Feeler gauges

 feeler gauges 

Feeler gauges are used to accurately measure the gap and clearance between two parts or objects. They are also essential for the setting of spark plugs.


37. Electric circuit tester

 electric circuit tester 

A circuit tester is a simple tool that measures the continuity of a circuit. It is such a useful tool when ensuring you are picking up the correct cable between two points. You won't reget purchasing this tool! 


38. Multi-meter tester

 multi meter 

You can measure current, voltage, resistance, continuity, and even temperature with a multi-meter. They are an invaluable tool for any mechanic and it is well worth investing in a good quality one.


39. Tin snips/metal cutters

 tin snips 

Tin snips are a type of shears used for snipping sheet metal. Their long handles provide great leverage and certain models have a compound-action handle which increases the mechanical advantage. A really useful tool to have at hand when working on car body work.

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